Day 422: Late night molestation

The ticks have officially arrived.

I woke up from a dead sleep to be introduced to the first one of the season, as it scurried up my inner thigh. Yes, that's correct, a DEAD sleep. It was 4:30am, precisely four hours after I went to bed, and two hours after I was forced to take Hubble outside to pee. How did I know Hubble had to pee at 2:30am?? Because he sat at the end of my bed and barked at me. Perhaps he knew something I didn't know, and was merely trying to warn me that there was a nefarious being in the bed with me, creeping toward my crotch, looking to steal more than just my blood!

Foul creatures!

Despite the horror factor of waking up with something crawling on you, to be honest I was quite comforted by the experience. It pretty much solidified the knowledge that if something sinister is crawling over some part of my body I will respond, and respond immediately and efficiently. In fact, I think my fingers plucked if off my body before my eyes even opened. I grabbed it, knew immediately what it was, and then got out of bed and turned the light on. I don't think it's one of the ones that carries lime disease, but really, who knows what these ones got up to in the off season. Perhaps like Sidney Crosby who works on all the aspects of his game he feels are lacking in the summer time, the ticks all beef up their terrifying and seemingly pointless skills for the new blood sucking season, passing the infernal disease around like chew in a dressing room. 

I balled it up in a kleenex, put in on my dresser (no idea why but it was VERY early) checked the rest of the bed for anymore, gave myself a good once over just to be sure, and then did a check of Hubble, who sleeps on the pillow right next to my head whenever Jeannette is elsewhere. Apparently I either didn't do a very thorough check of Hubble or he picked up one on our walk this morning, because about twenty minutes ago Jeannette yelled from downstairs that he had one on his neck. And this one was embedded. 

This is going to make all my time out in the woods somewhat annoying. Honestly, part of me doesn't even want to go out there, knowing damn well as I do that I'll have at least one, if not more, running all over me when I emerge. And yet... it's too nice out to not go out~! What, am I going to do, let the ticks win? Am I going to let them lay claim to the 98% of my 3-acres of land and just cower here all summer, in the house with a pregnant, moaning, Jeannette? Nay! Nay I say! I won't do it! In fact, I think I need to do the opposite; clean up my property and get rid of all the dead weight. 

My cousin says he knows a guy -yes, yet another guy- who is looking for work around here and is pretty handy with a chainsaw. He speaks french and is having trouble finding people to hire him around here because no one speaks french... except Jeannette. So that might be a win win proposition. I think I'll wait until my back is a little more sorted out before I call him as I'll want to get out there with him, and right now that wouldn't be the best idea. I don't want to just pay someone to come in and do it all, where's the fun in that? I want to put my own hands on my property and shape it myself. 

But first thing is first, and that means today I'll spend the majority of my time on my memory. I'm getting there guys, certainly making progress, but the road is long and difficult. It's like I was saying to Jeannette today, I'm trying to retrain an organ that has been working away with the same operating software since before I was able to crap on my own. It's a system that's done pretty well for the majority of my time on this rock, a system that of operation that gives rise to all my other patterns, (memory being the bedrock of what we're able to do up in that slimy grey mass inside our skulls) and that's not an easy thing to do.

It's very similar to the forest behind my house actually: currently a tangled mess of neural pathways and established synapses with some highlights here and there, but no real order to speak of. All while the ego, as a result of all those tangled patterns and circular pathways, just keeps embedding itself in my thoughts, sucking all the energy out of my body, causing me to lose both strength, and faith, in my own pursuits. Interesting, the ego as a brain tick... I like the comparison. 

No, my brain hasn't had an official gardener my entire life. No one ever taught me how to sort the information coming at me on a daily basis, no one ever teaches any of us that in fact! and now I'm forced to figure it all out on my own - hardly at what one might consider to be one's intellectual prime! 38?? Einstein did all of his great work in his mid twenties! I'm well behind. Not that I'm planning on doing a lot of physics.  

Anyway, it's a hassle we'll have to learn to cope with -both the ticks, and, at present, the ego- and all we can do is be positive and make the best of it. 

Okay, I've yapped enough for today's entry. It's time to get outside and delve inward. 

Have a great day guys.