Day 420 "Magic Numbers"


What can I say?

We're still in a state of recovery over here on the mountain. Blaze still has oceans of goo running out of his nose, has now developed a bit of a cough, and was a bit of a whiney toad all day. Jeannette, the poor bastard, is now fighting an invasion into her chest, a ghastly bit of virus sending its armies down into her magical gut meat. Oh, I have no doubt she'll fight it off, warrior queen that she is, but it's a shame to see her ass so thoroughly kicked like this. And little I can do. I pitched in where and when I could today, mostly keeping the fiery Blaze to a warm glow, but mostly she just has to fight it off on her own; as we all do. 

Speak of the devil, he's now squawking in the next room. It's 1:00am and I should really be getting to bed, though now it seems I'll be dealing with him for a bit. By the sounds of it she's gotten up and will be getting him a bottle. One sec... okay, we're getting good at this. It's just six minutes later and I'm already back. I just had to hold him as Jeannette ran down and got him a bottle. He's out of sorts this kid, still sick, and having a hard time settling down in the night. 

It was an intermittent day, work wise. I managed to get out and enjoy the amazing weather this afternoon for an hour or so, as J&B napped, and dug into some solid memory work. I've started work with the playing cards, memorizing all 52 into corresponding images and then remembering whole decks after only glancing at the shuffled card order. I never understood the point of doing it, thought it mostly just a neat trick and complete and utter waste of good memory time, until I had a little revelation the other night. The playing cards, it turns out, are very handy indeed. So I dove in today. I bought four packs of shit cards from Dollorama and will now finally put them to use. I expect this to progress.. quickly. 

I did run out to Wolfville to get another back treatment. My therapist tells me I'm progressing well but still have some work to do. My upper-mid back is 'blocked' which is why, she tells me, the fabio hair flip so utterly crippled me. I did give myself whip lash. This injury then, likely also stems from the time in LA I literally did get whip lash, when I got slammed from behind from four very friendly, under-age, Mexican fellows, who spoke not a word of English and didn't have any ID on them whatsoever. Welcome to Los Angeles. 


I never did get treated for what was a pretty serious little jolt, and instead went to Subway directly afterwards, like an knob; so that injury could be starting to flare up again, now that I've let my body go all to shite. A harsh way to put it, no doubt, but the truth hurts at times. My foot is all wonky today as well, like I got it stomped on during a rugby game, only I did nothing other than walk on it; and not far.

Anyway, I didn't even bring that one up to my therapist, thinking it was probably just a cramp (and still thinking that, though it's a bad one). She gave me another exercise to add to the daily routine for my back -you know the one, the routine that I haven't been sticking to:( so I'll be sure and start up again tomorrow morning, all fresh and diligent, with that. She does good work, this one, and seemed cool to just adjust me in relative silence this afternoon as I continued to deal with my cold and at the time, rather uncomfortable headache. 

After that I grabbed a coffee; I'm drinking cafe mocha's now, if you must know.. that is, whenever I get a chance to get out into civilization, and then picked up some stuff for the house. And by that I mean chocolate brownie Ben & Jerry's for Jeannette... it was on sale... at Shoppers... to be honest, given how sick she is, I think the promise of that sweet chocolatey frozen fruit was the only reason she let me go to my appointment and not stay here and watch Blaze while she rested. What a shit.

When I got back my cousin came by with a big hunk of roast beef he bought at a fundraising auction the other night. It wasn't as good as the one we had last year, and missed out on this year -if you'll recall from a couple weeks ago- but it was pretty delicious. He hadn't intended on staying to eat as he had to get back to work, but Jeannette insisted and then shoved some of her infected pudding cake into his mouth after we were done with the meat and salad. 

His whole family is already sick anyway, we're probably doing him a favour. 

Oh and Blaze did the craziest thing tonight. We were eating dinner and when I looked over he was drinking from his sip cup; holding it perfectly to his mouth with both hands on the handles. I hadn't seen him do that before. In fact we just started using the cup and don't use is frequently. He's a jedi knight this one. Unfortunately he still gets somewhat confused by his own tongue and doesn't know quite yet how to actually place his mouth ON the cup, so most of the water went down his chest, but for a moment there I thought we had a wizard on our hands. 

Tomorrow will be more of the same, sans my trip into civilization. I suppose there could be a whole host of other things I'm scheduled to get up to but haven't been informed of yet, by Jeannette. We'll wait and see what happens in the am. For now my plan is to lock my playing cards in as I kick this cold, and then get some other work done. More and more I'm thinking that as soon as I get the production company all legally squared away I'm just going to shoot a few pitch scenes and take the show to Kickstarter. I love the idea of creating an online community of people who want to get behind producing an internet series, and perhaps even an open source platform of our very own. 

For now though... playing cards. I promise this will all make sense soon. 
I'm not even sure who I was talking to there.. you or me.

Nite munks!