Day 419 Invasion of the Tiny Assassins


It was an apocalyptic day up on the mountain today. I woke up at 5:30 with razor wire in my throat, unable to breath, and just overall quite miserable. I fished around in the medicine cabinet and found some Tylenol Cold nighttime, which I promptly shoved into my face and downed with some water and a grimace. I then went into the basement and proceeded to fall asleep until J&B woke up and came down.

Jeannette is also sick, it seems, though thankfully she's not as in rough a shape as me. Even now as I sit in the basement watching the Voice I'm dreading the coming attempt to sleep. There's few things worse than the sore throat/ blocked sinuses combo. Especially when trying to sleep. You're forced to breathe through your mouth, cause your nose is a writeoff, and every time you swallow -which is often because your mouth gets so dry- a fire erupts in your throat and wakes you up. lt's no good guys. To put it simply; it's grim.

As a result of the tiny bacterial assassins boring their way into my otherwise healthy tissue, we had a bit of a rough day over here. Blaze seems to be handling being sick the best out of all of us and somehow just finds a way to continue to play and smile and have pretty much as much fun as ever despite the globs of goo running from his nose, and some rather dramatic coughing, which I can't help but feel is intended as a mockng gesture toward me. He's the one that released the assassins into my body after all... hardly a stretch for him to then mock me as I sit holding him, suffering.

Demon child! 

Poor Jeannette, man. I've been the shittiest partner the last couple of weeks; first with my back and now this. So she's taking care of Blaze AND his dad, in addition to, also, and, growing another human in her magical gut meat. You would think that would be enough right there, growing a child in her belly, but no, she also has to change Blaze every five minutes and make me toast and tea.

She's a keeper this one. NO doubt. 

So it was a bit of a discombobulated day overall. We had to cancel the bank appointment, as well as the trip to the fire station. I'm not going to lie to you and say we didn't dig into the pudding cake she made them ourselves tonight, after a long, awful day of getting our asses kicked, because that would be dishonest. But Jeannette made a very good point, as she already had half a slice shoved into her mouth, when she said that given how sick we are, no doubt the pudding cake itself is tainted as well. And what kind of monsters would we be if we infected all those brave, courageous young men, with Blaze's assassin virus; thereby putting countless innocent lives at risk?!

It was a powerful argument. In fact even now, in the simple act of retelling... I think I just talked myself into having another late night piece.

Perhaps a shot of Buckley's first...

Nite monkeys. |mp