Day 418: A mouth full of sick


Blaze didn't sleep very well last night, which meant we didn't sleep very well last night. He's got a cold. A couple of times I had a screeching infant dumped on my chest as Jeannette went to get him a bottle, or some Tylenol, or a mallet. He slept pretty well from about 4am till 10am, which isn't too bad considering he's sick, but still, it was a restless sleepover to be sure. 

He's been coughing the last few days and has had snot running down his nose a good 48 hours; it's hard to imagine he even has that much liquid in his entire body, let alone snot in particular. He's handling it all very well, despite getting frustrated here and there, and letting the world know his feelings on being bombarded by bacteria. In fact, he's screaming right now, upstairs, after I just put him and Jeannette to bed. Well, she put herself to bed, it's not like I sent her there or tucked her in or anything. He's clinging pretty close to mom now that he's not feeling well so she's in bed with him... scratch that.. she's heading downstairs to get him another bottle now. Poor bugger. 

Okay, he's had his bottle and they've returned up for another quick cat nap before he explodes again. 

I started feeling a little off myself, around midday, and have had a sore throat ever since. This isn't surprising considering the fact that for at least an hour a day Blaze is dangling above my face staring down at me with waterfalls of illness-infused drool pouring onto my face, and often directly into my mouth. It's hardly a level 4 bio-lab over here. I've got rubber boots but decided to stop short of getting the white suit from Outbreak. We pretty much just live life as is and let the chips fall where they may; and fall they have.

Jeannette is feeling a little queasy as well, which is a far more perilous situation than me being sick. She's the hinge this whole machine turns on. The engine that drives the car. Shit, she might even be the car itself. We can't afford for her to go down. 

We did get a lot of work done today, though again, she did the majority. We left the little guy with his grandparents and got to work at the house doing a bit of a spring cleaning. Jeannette went to absolute town, and was a whirlwind of activity, pretty much cleaning the whole house, minus my areas, from top to bottom. I did the basement and went out for another walk in the woods. No work today, as it's Sunday, but I still fiddled a bit on a bit of the memory stuff. It seems to be making a bit more of a splash mainstream, these techniques, as I had two examples of it today; one from my dad, who read me an excerpt of a book he's reading where the character goes through a similar type 'journey' that I'm studying in order to go through all the evidence of a case he's investigating.

The other was a segment on the Today show, or one of those early morning "news" talk type shows, you know the ones, where they 'report' on some of the current events happening in America, but for the most part focus on what Kanye West is up to, or how best to accessorize your leggings, or whatever the hell else they get on with. The segment focused on a memory tournament happening somewhere in the US where competitors are competing for sixty thousand dollars. It seemed like a watered down version of the international competition I've read about. Still, interesting that it's starting to pick up momentum in the public consciousness; a good thing, considering the ramifications of what it could mean for learning. It still baffles me we don't teach these techniques to kids. 

Tomorrow we've got a bank appointment, which I'll be skipping to stay home with Blazer, and then will be heading down to the fire house to bring some chocolate treats to the firemen. It's something I told them we'd do at some point given the times they've come to our aid and now that the weather is finally cooperating with us we decided to take something down to them. To be honest I'd quite forgotten about it until we read an article the other day about a dramatic rescue a few days ago where they pulled an elderly couple out of a car that had gone into the river. The man involved in the accident passed away, the accident itself being caused by some kind of medical emergency he'd had while driving, but the account of what the firemen who responded went through was pretty dramatic. 

They're volunteers, these guys, which is a dying breed these days. 

That's it for me tonight. Hope you guys had a good weekend.