Day 417 "The One True King"


We're over at my parents place tonight. Everyone's in bed now and I'm going to try to get this thing pounded out quick as I can so I can join them. They had us over for dinner; a barbecue, along with my nephew, niece, her friend and my sister and one of her international students, a very funny Mexican kid named Juan Pablo. He thinks Pacquiao is going to walk all over Mayweather tonight. I'm no longer a betting man, or even a hoping man, but if I was, I might route for a double knockout, it might look good on both of them. 

It was a house full of people and dogs and burgers today, in the midst of a kickass day weather wise, and I'm pretty sure a good time was had by all. After my sister and her contingent left the rest of us sat down and got caught up on our Game of Thrones action, we were two episodes behind so had a good solid chunk of bloody entertainment to dig into. 

Have I told you I think Jon Snow is Robert Baratheon's true heir and that Ned Stark took him and raised him as his own as a favour to the dead king, his long time friend? Have I also told you that I believe Jon will get together with Daenerys in the end; when FIRE comes together with ICE. How Jon Snow becomes a representative of ICE will be well known to any who have read the fifth book, but perhaps a mystery for those who are waiting for the series to cover events. It's only a theory, of course, George RR won't tell me a thing; mostly because he doesn't know me and we've never spoken. But if he doesn't have a good ending in mind, I could make a pretty passionate case for that suggestion. Spoiler alert!!

Shit, I'm supposed to say spoiler alert BEFORE dropping the information aren't I? 

It was a quiet day over all. I was able to get a bit of work done but mostly I just wanted to spend some time outside in the woods. I went for a good long walk today, starting out in our backyard but continuing on into god knows who's territory, following the poorly cleared surveyor lanes. Hardly paths, but they did the job well enough and got me around without getting lost. It's amazing how unruly the woods are up around my area. It'll be fun once -and if- I go down the path of cleaning and clearing my property. I hope to learn a lot about woodsmanship (if such a term exists, which according to Siri it does not) from whoever I get in to help me out. I know very little of the outside world in general actually, and would love to get that sorted out sooner rather than later.

Though step one must be the memory improvements. I'm getting there, though still nothing to show for it but a lot of interesting theories and a few neat tricks. Nevertheless, I'll keep banging my head against that wall until I can compete for the world title, in my head if not in reality. I have a feeling if I was able to master this memory system I'll be much too busy with other pursuits to enter a competition, but as I said, it's not out of the realm of possibility. Competition is a good way to test your mettle against what's out there, and what's possible, thereby pushing you to work harder and achieve greater heights of mastery.

I've always enjoyed that about competition.
I just don't think anyone could push me any harder than I already push myself.    

Tomorrow we leave Blaze here with my parents and will go home and attack the house; it's in desperate need of a spring cleaning.. as does my body.. so we're looking forward to getting over there and digging in. I haven't cleaned the basement in a while. I'm pretty sure the field mice that have been trying to eat their way inside have likely done so and are now getting caught up on PVR'd episodes of Hell's Kitchen, or perhaps the Blacklist. It's hard to say what field mice would be more drawn to, episodic television, or reality based.. I suppose beggars can't be choosers. 

Beyond those plans I'll do whatever Jeannette wants to do tomorrow, and try to get outside and maybe down to the water for a walk, weather permitting. Although I might go even if the weather doesn't permit it, given the fact I'm only one pair of rain pants away from being virtually indestructible outside, and I can be a rather stubborn person when I put my mind to something. 

Have a good Sunday guys.