Day 416: Fluffy Dog


I was going to dictate the entry tonight, take the Galaxy, my phone, for a walk down the road and back. It's not a long distance, the walk itself, and is a route I would pitch for Jeannette and I, should we ever get off our asses and start taking physical advantage of all the natural outdoors around us: which we haven't. . to this point... together.

Though in fairness to Jeannette, who never accompanies me on my treks, she has been carrying around one little human or another, one after the other, since we stepped through the doors of this house. She had a two month break in between, as her lady bits re-associated themselves, and we dealt with the first little critter all while in the midst of a cold, bitter winter. Hardly a break at all, if you consider the trials and tribulationas -endurable as they were- we went through at that time.

Have you ever fed a squacking infant at 3 am, through a tube duct taped to your finger?: and then watched from a terrible angle, all that food launch right back up into your face, in the inevitable projectile vomitus mechanism that results in an undiagnosed case of reflux; or, perhaps, in the case of an idiot father, who lays his baby down, forgetting to burp him... well, it's quite a way to live, I can assure you.

One sec; have to go feed critter #1 NOW. 

We're now watching The Net, all with full bellies. Blaze is on the floor, practicing his leg work. Mommy and daddy are sitting here on the couch watching him, perhaps not well enough: a moment ago Jeannette yelped and snatched from his hands one of Hubble's bones- all while Sandra Bullock does her best to keep us entertained by pretending she's really good with 90's computers.. Unfortunately, my eyes are constantly de-focusing.

We were up early this morning; me to have a clump of wet sludge shot into my mouth, filling both the metal casing and the majority of my oral cavities (thankfully, I had it done at the dentist...this time...) and Jeannette to take me there. I'm getting a bite plate.

Be jealous of my life anytime you want. 

It was a painless experience, besides all the gagging, and I was in and out in no time. After dropping me off at the dentist, Jeanette had to take Hubble over to his appointment with the beautician. He looks much better now, much more out of place in our environment; a reflection of his master still, no doubt. But we're getting there.

The wilderness here has washed off some of that thick, LA soot I think.

Well I'm off to go collapse as close to my bed as I can muster now. As always, thanks for checking in. The back is leaps and bounds better and the work is coming along nicely. I also got some meditation in today, an impromptu practice as I was siting on the edge of the cliffs.

The weather, it seems, is turning.