Day 415: Karma Yoga


Foolishness. It's 1:36am and I'm still awake; just sitting here, in the basement, working on things that are not this blog, knowing full well the entire time that I'd have to get around to it at some point.

It'll be another short entry tonight, as I'm using the phone and stylus combo again which makes for a slower, more plodding pace. I'm sure you'11 understand.

1 had another back treatment today, though 1 suppose "neck" would be more accurate, given the location of the injury in its current manifestation. I'm in much better shape, I'm happy to report, though still a long way from 'ideal'.

So many quotation marks tonight. I had no idea I was feeling so emphatic...

My therapist is a dynamo.  She's managed to put my Humpty Dumpty spine back together again. I'm nearly there, 1 think, and am going to look to doing some yoga soon. I'm a few years past my lifting weights days, and never much enjoyed the activity anyway, but need to start doing something soon, and all roads are pointing to a yoga practice. My sister teaches it. I only wish she lived closer.

There's also the option of doing Aikido, which is taught not far from here; that's the martial art made popular by Steven Segal 'back in the 90's. I've always had an interest, especially back in my college days, even checked out a class once, but a badly broken wrist -a very limiting injury in Aikido - and other life events took me elsewhere. I did some Muai Thai in LA but that's about as close as I got.

Before I wrap up tonight I suppose I should apologize to my mother, if only halfheartedly, for revealing some of our family's more sinister, deep, dark, secrets last night... by discussing her snoring in yesterday's blog. l would like to publicly assure her that I meant no offense or disrespect whatsoever. I merely felt it my duty as a responsible member of society to issue a general warning to anyone out there who, through fate or happenstance, may have to cross path's with her in a thin-walled hotel at some point in the future. | would hate to see some poor family forced into calling first the front desk, and then animal control, to try to get someone to kick down the door to room 321 and throw a net onto the hybernating bear that somehow managed to get in through the window.

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