Day 414: Double Man Down


Blaze slept at his grandparents place last night.

It was the first time he'd been away from us since he was born. As predicted both Blaze and I were fine, and my parents seemed quite happy as well; Jeannette however, had a bit of a tougher time with it, worried as she was that he might somehow smother himself in his sleep.

Jeannette: "Your mom knows he likes to burrow when he sleeps right? She'll make sure his airways are clear, right?"
Me: "Nope. She's terribly negligent. In fact, when I was a baby she used to let me play with a plastic bag and scissors to help me fall asleep.. of course she'll make sure his airways are clear !! She's got 3 kids and 7 grandkids, she's been around the baby block a few times!"

Of course it had less to do with my mom and more to do with the baby making hormone factory that is Jeannette's body, pumping anxious thoughts through her otherwise reasonable brain at a pace neither of us could keep up with. She settled down after a while, but didn't sleep well overall the poor crazy woman, on account of her racing thoughts and the issue that led to him being shipped off in the first place: her stomach.

The reason for the sudden and unscheduled sleepover was due to a rare double-man down situation over here at the house. When I got home from my therapy appointment yesterday, sporting a blinding headache, Jeannette pretty much met me at the door with a fussy Blaze. She was suffering herself, overcome with nausea after a poorly conceived meal of 'cup-o-Soup' and had planned on handing him over to me when I got home, wanting to lay down herself. We stood there a moment, in the doorway; she holding her stomach, me clutching my temples, a bewildered Blaze between us, mindlessly grabbing at his ears, until finally one of us had the idea of calling my mother. 

She had offered to come by anyway, after getting the text from Jeannette about the potentially fatal cup-o-soup she'd ingested, and being aware of the shape I was in already, with my back. She arrived not too long after, around 7 or so, and then hit us with the sudden option of being Blaze free for the night so that we could both go to bed and heal up. Jeannette needed to sit with the idea a little while, so while my mom played with Blaze on the floor Jeannette's stomach made threatening sounds that made the toilet gurgle in fear while my own brain meat tried to explode out of my right eye as she tried to make up her mind. Finally she agreed to the proposition and the next thing I knew we were laying in bed for the first time in a few weeks and Blaze was getting the royal treatment over at his grandparents house. 

He didn't even miss us. By all accounts he was fine over on the other mountain, without his parents, and by the sounds of things he slept even better than he does over here. How he was able to do that with my mother's snoring I'll never know, but perhaps the concussive reverberations of the sound mesmerized him into a restful trance of some kind. A theory, but one I have no interest in confirming, painfully well familiarized with the sound as I already am. 

Jeannette did take advantage of the day with Blaze elsewhere and went out early to run some errands. I stayed home and worked and enjoyed what was the first pain free morning in a good long while. The treatment yesterday really helped, despite the headache, which I had before going in. She gave me some exercises to do and I go back in tomorrow for another round, but she seems relatively optimistic given my progress from even just this past weekend, that I should be pretty well fixed up by next week and on the road to strengthening the body; which is what I really need to start doing asap if I'd like to continue to be able to walk through life without looking like a wizened old hobbit straight out of a cave in the Shire. 

As my body breaks down Blaze seems to be starting to figure his out. He's crawling now.. sort of. He knows what to do but he's finding it just as easy to keep his knees on the floor and just pull them forward with his arms. He'll no doubt develop killer lats from this technique but I'm hoping at some point soon he engages those lower appendages and really starts to use the full scope of his little organism. It's pretty easy to make him laugh though, and his laugh is just about the best sound in the world, so I'm basically just constantly doing all the material I have that works on him, all the time. As much as I love seeing him crawling around, I do know that life will change just that much more when he starts doing it full speed. A terrifying proposition we're going to have to get prepared for. 

Okay, I'm exhausted. That's all I've got in the tank. Have a good night kids.