Day 412 "Bright spot on a cold day"


I'm watching the Voice, with a heating pad on my back and a jelly donut in my gut... all in all not a bad night.

Jeannette is in bed with the gremlin. Hubble is passed out somewhere with a sock in his mouth, and I think there's another mouse trying to get in the house via the window above the TV.

I'm not long for this world myself, I think. It was a long day of trying to stay positive during an April 27th snow fall... kill me now. Snow? Madness!

We were driving back from an early morning doctor appointment when it started. It made for a tricky drive, as I had to keep one hand on the wheel, navigating through the snow, while keeping the other one on Jeannette to keep her from jumping out of the moving truck and throwing rocks at the sky.

This hasn't been a good winter for anyone with seasonal depression. Try as I might to get her to see the positive side of what in anyone else's judgement is simply shitty weather, Jeannette just  isn't having it. She doesn't like the snow this one, to a venomous level, and there seems 'naught' that I can do. 

The doctor appointment was solid. lt was just a follow up to discuss the ultrasound we had for helion #2 last week. All signs are great, the measurements are on point, the only detail the doctor wanted to discuss was the 'bright spot' that was picked up in the baby's heart.

The official term for it is 'echogenic-intracardiac focus' (memory work paying off I see) and it's a mostly benign anomaly in the ultrasound that typically means nothing, unless in the presence of other symptoms or risk factors; none of which we have. l guess they have to bring up the potential 'bad things' that can come from it, to prepare the parents, and it's not very scientific to say something like 'it might mean you're carrying the next Dahli Lama," but still, it wouldn't hurt to try and get some alternative perspectives in there.

So from my perspective the doctor told us this morning that our baby's heart is so strong it lights up like a newly formed sun.

I just don't subscribe to the other mode of thinking, the worry and anxiety, that can result from anomalies such as this. In my experience anomalies always end being a good thing. I myself have been called an anomaly in the past, more than a time or two, therefore I suppose my opinion on the matter is somewhat biased. But then, the anomaly in question occurred in a spawn of mine, coupled with Jeannette; an anomaly herself, so I feel we have good reason to be positive.

A blazing sun so bright it blew out the machine, then, is what is currently growing inside Jeannette's gut meat; while I'm still working on what was a stale, but very satisfying, jelly donut.

If I wasn't making lightning fast headway on some creations of my own lately, I'd be feeling lke a pretty massive schlub indeed.