Day 411: The Ace of Spades


Great day on the mountain. The weather was nice enough. Rained a bit here and there but for the most part there was blue sky, and sun, if a bit of a fog that completely blanked out the water. There was a lot of mist actually, throughout the day, and I know this because I was outside a lot. Being that it was a Sunday, which means a 'no work day' that I made an addendum to -to not include memory work- meant I was able to do pretty much whatever I wanted; that coupled with the fact I bought a sweet pair of rain boots and look out north mountain, the ticks might not be out but another wild organism now most certainly is. 

When I say organism I now assume you know I'm speaking of me. Neither Robert MacDonald nor Jay Malone, feels altogether comfortable when writing about myself, so the organism will suffice; which is to say the body, the animal, the 99.9% of me. 

So armed with a sweet set of super comfortable rubber boots and an impenetrable rain coat -I think that includes bullets- and you weren't going to stop the organism from getting outside today. 

First we had to get rid of the monster, and by that I mean to say "drop Blaze off at his grandparents place." Oh sure, yeah, okay, he was EVER so cute this morning when we all woke up.. at 6:30 this morning, because HE wanted to. That's after I'd already gotten up at 4:30 because Hubble somehow got his bowel schedule off track and 'forgot' to do his business earlier that night. Unacceptable, first of all, given the fact 'his business' is all he has to do in the world. Just regulate your system dude! You're 3 now, which is 21 dog time, a measurement I accept and thus have formed expectations around. 

21 year old human dude's don't get up and take a shit outside at 4:30 in the morning on a Saturday... wait... balls. I suppose MOST of them do actually, given the reputation of college kids

The point is, he's a cute kid, but we were happy to have the day off from being parents.. if such a thing is possible -which I don't believe is. When we got home I put the rubbers on, something I clearly haven't been doing much of lately.. :) and set out to the empty lot with the nice, quiet ocean view. There was some chainsaw action in the lot to the west of it, I saw a guy moving around in there, but never actually spoke to anyone. It took me 10 minutes to walk out there, I know cause I timed it, and when I got to the edge the fog had swallowed the entire ocean right up to where the land dropped off. Kind of a cool affect really, knowing the mass of the thing sitting just off in front of you, and being able to hear it, but have this thick fog sitting like an eraser swipe to the world that was supposed to be there. 

I got home, we ate, Jeannette went up for a well deserved nap, and I set out into the backyard. A lot more trees came down since last I walked around back there. It was a rough winter.  In fact, on the way to my house, my parents had noticed, the trees are all carved up along the road. It's apocalyptic! In the olden days these types of things, which I've mentioned before, would be called omens, or portents, or at least 'bad signs', like when Christopher Multisanti saw the black bird when he was getting screeched in by the mafia, or whatever they call it, on the Sopranos. ...

oh no, I hear Jeannette steps. The creature stirs. 

back. maybe an hour later.

So yes, trees are down, the backyard is in rough shape, life goes on. My parents came by tonight for dinner, and to drop Blazer off. My niece got here about an hour before them so we got to spend a good chunk of time with her. Always a good time. She was regaling us with stories of her car, and the lengths to which she goes to keep the bumper on. It reminded me of my 97 Intrepid in LA. I bought it with Mark Bennett on Craigslist for $1000 from a guy that 'had to get back to Boston fast' if I remember correctly. Absolute tank that car. 

Dad and I were outside again, before dinner, to map out a possible extension to the house; for the threatened in-law suite. He's going to do up some sketches. I look forward to going down that rabbit hole. 

Okay kids. That's it for this Sunday. I have my own fog starting to swallow up my brain now. Time to sleep.