Day 410: Quiet day spent incapacitated

NOT my nephew!

NOT my nephew!

Unbelievable. I just lost my second entry in as many days. This time I had just finished writing it up on my phone, using the stylus, and was dragging the picture up to the top of the entry when I accidentally swiped it right out of existence. The stylus took me to the login page and when I logged back in it was gone. Twice! In two nights!! Signs! Omens! Portents!

Either a hurricane is coming, or it's time to start being less sloppy. 

Look, I know I should probably write these things in a more secure location first, and then transfer it over into the browser on the actual Squarespace page, but I'm lazy. Too lazy even to add anything to that, even though there are many reasons why I don't do it, but laziness is the chief among them so I might as well just stop it there. It's a hassle, and there's still no guarantee you won't have it get lost in the digital vortex anyway; computers crash, applications crash, angry fiancees storm into the room with a glass of orange juice and throw it all over the keyboard. Shit happens. 

And yet... TWICE! in TWO NIGHTS.

Grim. Grimness abounds! I don't know what to do about this other than to fume a little more and then go to bed. I'd already BE in BED if I hadn't lost the entry I'd just written for the SECON... well you get the idea. 

I had already told you.. yet again... about my day; the back issues persisting, keeping me at home while my family was out galavanting around. Jeannette and Blaze went over to visit my sister and the boys. I haven't seen them for a while so that would have been nice, but as I said, the back was stiff and painful today, just as I had been told it would be by my therapist yesterday. She gave it a pretty good once over, not to mention all the other moving around I did while out trying to have it taken care of. So today I decided to stay inside and let it heal up. 

I did get some work done, mostly memory stuff. I finished listening to the Quantum memory series and will now go back and listen to it all over again, making sure to dedicate the time in the office to sit down and really walk through the exercises with him. Now that I know what the course has to offer, and it's a lot, I think it's wise to dedicate some one on one time with the good Mr. O'Brien. His techniques are the best I've come across so far and what started out as an attempt to get some inspiration to get me over a hump, has turned into what was advertised; a quantum leap in memory power! Well... not yet, I suppose, but I made some good headway today. 

My nephew also had a martial arts tournament that would have been cool to see today. He got third place in board breaking and silver in sparring. More impressive still, considering he competed in the board breaking first, and thus, had to pummel his way to a silver medal with some very sore hands indeed. He's been at it a while, the little ninja, and is apparently beginning to really excel. This is great news, as I'm sure I'll need a body guard of some kind, some day; even if only to protect me from my own back.  

Before I wrap this one up, angry as I am that I had to write it all over again... and not as good... though to be honest the first one wasn't anything to write home about either; a stylus entry, while sitting in the basement, in the recliner, watching hockey. But before I go I'd like to give a shout out to Jeannette for all her hard work the past week with me sitting here like a shit head on a log, out of commission and not much good to anybody. We've had a bit of help from others but she's carried the burden mostly on her own. She's a warrior queen this one.

Taking care of a dog, a baby AND a seventh month old, and being five months pregnant besides.