Day 409: Rise of the Machines


I just lost my whole blog entry, so this one might be a little short.
It's now 3:41 and I'm doing this all over again!!

My back is currently being held together by tape. I thought I was being very efficient by getting to the blog at such an early hour, despite my physical failings. I've been leaving it late at night the past while and it's just not the best way to do things. By then my brain is pretty fried and I don't have the energy to put too much into it; again, not my intention. So when possible, I'll try to write this earlier. Which I did, today, and then it vanished!! I even looked at the publish button before I hit it and thought, "hmm, I should probably copy the text... just in case" but then thought "yeah, but what are the chances the one time I actually think it, but don't do it, my entry will get erased??" See? I What About Bob'd it, and it backfired in my face. 

So I'm back, regurgitating all the gold I'd spun only a few moments ago. There's almost nothing worse then having created something and then losing it almost right away.. and then trying to re-create it. It's happened before, too many times than I care to get into, and though I find it does get a bit easier to deal with, as I learn to detach from things that don't really matter overall, it still sucks donkey balls! 

I had my physiotherapy appointment today. The therapist was great, very thorough, and pulled out a very cool model of a spine and showed me what she thought all my issues were. This was after she'd spent a good while running me through all the structural tests to see how my range of motion was and what my pain levels were. Everything she said during the actual assessment part sounded very reasonable to me. It certainly lined up with what my pain is and where my problem areas are. So we'll be started treatment on Tuesday next week, followed up by Thursday, and then we'll go from there. If nothing else this will get me back on the road to getting in shape, as if I'm not able to figure out and fix the source of the problems in there, at the very least I should keep the strength up in all my areas so that nothing slips out again. 

You heard me. I'm going to become a body builder. I've been looking for a new career...

After physio I went to the hospital and had my x-ray done. The technician there was telling me they just got a new machine in so he was still getting used to operating it. And what a machine! That might have been the closest I've been to the set of an episode of Star Trek, other than the time I did an episode of Boston Legal and was within 100 yards of William Shatner. Never got to meet him though. But this machine was pretty impressive. Evidently there's a lot of muscle and joint pain among x-ray techs, stemming from all the equipment they're constantly having to move into place, so this new machine -he hopes- is going to change all that. Instead of moving anything at all he now just gets to strut around the room with a remote control. 

He wondered how long it would be before the machines would no longer need the x-ray techs. I said it probably wouldn't be much longer but that it wouldn't be a bad thing at all, as it would just free up his time. He said that would be great in a world without money. I said, well what the hell kind of world do you think such robots were going to produce?? Then I told him my theory on the concept of 'career' politicians and how it's an antiquated idea we're more than past due to do away with. 

We had a really good conversation after that, as I held my breath and had radiation shot through me. 

It'll be interesting to see what the x-ray says, if there's any structural damage at all, from an old injury. I mean, there's clearly structural damage, given the pain I'm in, but it'll be interesting to see what, if anything, I might have done to it in the past. I likely should have gotten it x-rayed when I did it, but I'm a lazy bastard and have a stubborn Scott side of me that prefers to just wait and hope the problem goes away. My dad's the same way. He broke his neck playing hockey once. He came off the ice and said he knew something in his neck had cracked, but decided to go out and play another shift - just to be sure. When his arms and legs started tingling on the bench afterwards he thought it best to maybe drive himself over to the hospital. 

My grandfather also drove himself to the hospital after he cut his finger off, if my memory serves. Again, not right away, though in his case he had to retrieve the finger and find some ice for it, while my grandmother put on some makeup.  This is the gene pool I'm fishing in over here guys. It's a wonder I've made it through life as unscathed as I have. 

That's it! It's not what the original entry was.. alas.. but it was a reasonably close approximation, and a surprisingly positive one at that, given the FRUSTRATION of watching your work get digitally burned right in front of you. Once again, thanks a lot Squarespace! Or the internet! Or demons! Or whoever else I'll end up blaming so that I can get on with my day. 

Have a good one munks |mp