Day 406



We were in a pool tonight. That happened. Blaze was much better this go round, he took to the water like a champ. It was warmer, which was good for every one, as he would have warmed it himself, if he had to, as per my instructions. And no one wants that.

We had him in a boat Of some kind at one point, dragging him around the pool like a sultan prince. He didn't get as tired after this excursion, sadly; we were both hoping he'd get a bit of chlorine in his system and pass out until at least 10am tomorrow morning... ha! AS if, We won't get another night like that for another 18 years. 

He's in bed now, and seems to be sleeping well, which I need to be doing as well, sooner rather than later. I'm tired. I think I was the one ingesting all the chlorine. l need a new suit. It's not tight enough. A couple of times l almost lost it. It wiped me out though. I was already tired after my back treatment today, an hour or so of soothing jolts of electricity ripping through my back meat. I was twitching for an hour afterward. Jeannette made fun of me at the pool, for all the red marks.

Tomorrow is no break either. We've got the dentist and then have to get the winter tires switched out. I'll get some work done someda I trust! The good news is I had a bonus from the sale of the show in my contract. The gift that keeps on giving, that show.

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