Day 405: News item: Package Deal goes live on Hulu..


I'm going to bed too late guys.

Look, I'm no longer just a 20-something shit head, sleeping on couches, eating label-less mystery cans of unknown food, writing jokes and staying up all hours of the night. I mean, I'm still that.. minus the 20-something and with the addition of good food instead of mystery cans, but I also have a little, tiny shit head that I have to get up quite early with and I need a certain amount of energy, minimum, just to keep him from slapping me senseless or clawing my eyes out.

And all these early mornings, after these late nights, are killing me. My cousin Jamie came by tonight and it was the first thing he said -even before the 'get a haircut' I'm so used to hearing right away- "you look tired... bags under your eyes.. yeesh" or something to that affect.

Well I am tired. I had a good day of working, spent a bit of time outside walking and doing memory work, but every moment of those activities could have easily been spent napping. In fact, that was pretty much my morning, and into my afternoon, walking around doing memory work, wishing I was asleep, until I got the alert that Jeannette and Blaze were on their way home so I started outlining a scene for a "let's just shoot something now so we don't have to wait for anything" project with Falk. I'm just writing a quick scene; an introduction of two very interesting characters, in a very interesting world, that will be VERY easy to shoot, sending it off to him and then bob's your uncle, they'll do the rest. 

It's a fun aspect of spending so much time down in LA; the contacts I now have with really talented people. I used to sit in a basement in a house on Belcher Street over in Kentville -you heard me- and write short stories on my mothers typewriter when I wasn't playing hockey, and my biggest issue was always that A) I couldn't get anyone of any importance to read my stories, and B) I didn't know any of the street names or other details about the places, in Los Angeles, I was writing about. Cut to 23 years later, give or take, and I now have access to incredibly talented people, with a deep knowledge of many places across these two, entwined countries of ours; not to mention Australia, and no need to have 'important' people read anything at all; seeing clearly now that illusion, for what it is. 

If what Falk is proposing turns out to be true and I have no doubt that will be the case; if I provide them a script, they will get it done, and get it done well. And on the cheap. We'll shoot it, edit it, and post it all ourselves; hoping that an audience will find it and start to support the work. Once that happens, we'll hire a team, set up a proper production, I'll plug the characters into a pre-existing story-line I've already mapped out (another recycled story idea of mine -from a book I thought of a long time ago) and off we go. He's a very interesting looking dude, this guy Falk sent me to look at and write a story around. He gives me a very Pulp Fiction kind of vibe, perhaps a bit of Michael Madson in him somewhere as well... I don't know. He'll make a good assassin, that's all I care about.

I'm using the memory system I worked on today to help map out the first scene and so far it's working very well. Such old techniques, these things I'm learning, but so simple a concept once you finally wrap your mind around them. It's just the leg work that's tricky. Is there any more difficult pattern to break, then the very one you use every single time you take information in through your senses? Considering whenever you're awake you're ALWAYS taking in information, the process of trying to suddenly alter that, this late in life, is a very challenging proposition indeed. It's the very thing I've been trying to find my whole life, however, a way to learn and more importantly STORE information, so the idea of not continuing on this interesting little journey is unthinkable. 

I do need to start making money soon of course. Package Deal, despite the recent flood of emails and tweets, is quite far in the rear view mirror, even if the actual release from my contract isn't.. and we have a baby, and a house, and another one on the way -baby I mean, though also an addition to the pre-existing house, if the stars align... so yes, the work I've been putting in this last year and a half, work I've never done before to any consistent degree, must now start to pay off.

Or soon! Or not! Whatever, whenever. I don't mean to make any demands of the cosmos. The cosmos can do whatever it would like with me and I will be happy to play my part. You'll forgive me, I'm sure, if I hope that part gets to play out in relative comfort, all things considered. 

I've just gotten an email telling me that Package Deal is going to be released on Hulu ... an hour ago.. actually. So we might now be live on Hulu, all 26 episodes, with the mast head for the website promoting the release. If what I heard was true we'll be released as a Hulu original series. I have no idea what this means, besides the fact my US friends will finally be able to see my work, and the 100% jump in advertising, with just that one banner all that was needed for that.. but I suppose anything is possible. Nevertheless, like anything out of my control I will be pleasantly indifferent to the outcomes, but hopeful, as always, that I'll get to see the friends I made on the project at some point in the near future. 

I should really get my ass to bed. I'm nearly half done the script outline and over three quarters past the red line on my own internal gas tank; which is to say, I'm nearly on empty. Blaze will be up bright and early at 7am no doubt, a mere six hours away, and we'll be heading out all day tomorrow; first for my back adjustment, and second for another casual swim with the little dolphin. If that pool isn't any warmer tomorrow I'm going to give Blaze the go ahead to heat it up for himself... in whatever manner he sees fit. 

Nite munks.