Day 402 Fit kid


Stylus. Basement. Bathrobe.

Are you sensing a trend? My back was much better today, so much so that I was able to delay getting it treated until the person I usually have is able to see me. A small victory perhaps, but you should always take them where you can get them. Mostly, I'm just tired tonight, after a long day out ratting around, with little sleep last night.

I'm very close on locking into something rather significant, have already had some particularly penetrating insights; a dramatic way to put it, I admit, and thus am having difficulty settling down at night! None of this would be an issue if Blaze was willing to sleep past 6am -the demon!

We had to get up and out the door with him early this morning anyway, so it wasn't a big deal, but it still makes for a long day of yawning. We brought him over to the base in Greenwood and got a family pass for the year. Yes B1aze is 6 months old and has his own gym card. This baby's gonna be ripped!

We're taking him to the pool tomorrow, Yep, for his first "little starfish" class. We're a little concerned the special waterproof diapers we got him will prove no match should he decide to drop one of his notorious deuce's mid doggy paddle.., then forever be known as "that kid"... but these are the risks you take in life, I suppose, when in pursuit of direct experience.

Prediction: this kid will be a fish. 

One other note regarding Blaze, though 1 suppose it doesn't reflect on him directly: I mistook Jeannette earlier tonight for talking to me, when she was addressing him. More specifically, she was short with him because he was doing something that was pissing her off, and it sounded so much like how she talks to me when I do something outside the realm of her patience and expectations, that I turned around. l'm not sure that's a good sign, for me OR Blaze, but l can't get too upset considering I've often used my Hubble Voice on her.

We also went to the hospital today, for the big ultrasound. Though I don't have a gender to pass on to you yet, I can confirm the new one has a spine and a skull, two very prominent forearms, a bladder, some kidneys, and a very strong heart. Hard to believe we'll be going through the whole thing all over again. Nothing puts focus where it should be like another woman smearing your wife's belly with gel and then revealing your new little ghost rider with her magical, laser gun device.

Tomorrow we hit the pool. And the memory work will continue. 

Nite Munks