Day 400 "The Forgotten"


The Memory man forgot to do some things today.

Nothing major, thank gAHd, just a few minor items that I would have been much happier had I remembered. One was not take the clothes out of the washing machine, put them into the drier; then take the clothes from the drier, and put them on the bed. I did not do that. Instead, I continued to work on the memory stuff... whilst forgetting to do what I'd been asked to... well you see where I'm going with that, I'm sure. 

I also kept forgetting to write Jeannette the list of questions I'd like her to ask the theatres, when she calls them tomorrow... or the next day... or whenever she starts to panic that we're going to run out of all our money. The theatres I speak of are the theatres I mentioned, when I told you I was thinking about getting back into standup. Well, I really don't want to call for myself, it kind of ruins the illusion that I'm good enough to have someone take the time to do it themselves. 

That's always a good sign you're at a good level, I think. When another human being says, "yeah, I'll do this work for you, and at least pretend to be excited about it, and a fan of yours. I'll 'vouch' for you." A big thing to do, when you consider life from a mob perspective. So no, I didn't want to do it myself. Also because I don't like going on about myself, like you have to, when you're trying to SELL yourself. Never been my thing. I go on talent or nothing baby!

Me: "Um.. er... I did this show.. once.. hello??" But Jeannette: "..." well I won't put words in her mouth, because she is ever so charming on her own.. and cheap, also very frugal -I'm hoping to hook her with the lure shaped like the dollar bill, the one that reminds her if we do this all ourselves we can save a bit of coin for the war chest... that will become productions ... and on and on we'll go. 

I just finished said list, not a moment ago, and now sit here battling painful wrists that are regretting the death of my ergonomic keyboard. I'm going to wake up with talons. 

I also forgot to plug my camera battery into the wall. 

A small thing, that, plugging a square plug into a wall, and  yet difficult to remember to do; despite the massive monkey wrench it throws into the mechanical wheels of your day when you forget. We were going to shoot a protest video for the "NS film tax credit" fiasco that is on-going, had a day without Blaze to help our cause, but I got busy with the memory work... and forgot to plug the battery in. No power, no filming. If I needed a better reason to working on ways to harness the rechargeable power of the sun...!!!

I also forgot how much my wrists bother me when I don't have the proper keyboard!! Not a problem that 'just goes away' I'm finding. Ouch!! Jeeeeeeeezzz... ohhhhhhhuuuuuugrr...

Are you feeling my pain?

Bill reached out to me today with a very good idea. It got my juices running. Oh, if you're wondering who Bill is.., I mean to say Falk, my ex-brother-in-law, but I'd prefer to keep from getting into the name game, reluctant as I am to write ex... so I'll go with the acronym B.I.L and we'll move on. -so Bill reaches out to me with a good proposition... wait one sec...

Okay, I'm back, but not for long. In bed, stylus, wrists screaming. However, l have spent my time trying to upload a video of where I got to do my work today. If I'm successful, it'll be a good usage of non- writing blog time. If not...

Well too damn bad. Wait till I'm back in civilization, and can actually access the 21st century internet. If it's not on here when you read this, check back!

P.S. Blaze had meat tonight. His guts are protesting.