Day 399 "Memory Man"


This will be a short entry. It's 9:50 pm and I'm silting in the rocking chair, in a darkened baby room, with Blaze unconsciously dominating an entire queen sized bed next to me -like a boss!- whilst jotting this entry out with the stylus, on my phone, before the battery dies. The situation, one might say, is grim. My neck is already cramping and I'm only just five minutes in!

Jeannette is downstairs catching up on Master Chef Canada - I watched it already "like a selfish so and so"- and has left me up here on baby duty. A fair situation considering its' my fault the baby monitor we got only works with the sensor armed, which obviously goes off immediately after being turned on, considering he's in the bed, and NOT the motion sensing crib, where the "Man" says he should be.

What can I say? I'm going on a hunch over here, and I'm willing to endure a little discomfort, to sacrifice a lengthy blog entry to test my little theory.

You see, it's my contention that a baby will sleep much better when comfortable, atop a cloud-like nest of luxury, rather than when laying down inside a cold, white, prison cell, on a hard, flat surface, with a soulless sensor machine monitoring his every move; an entire collection of suggested materials ikely manufactured in China, and thoroughly researched by very smart people.

I have no problem with very smart people, or the Chinese for that matter, unless they are of the 'alarmist' persuasion, but I will err on the side of common sense at times, a hobby of mine, and common sense tells me, in this instance - this kid is digging his current environment. And daddy is getting his work done besides.

Of course this will all be shut down the moment Jeannette watches poor, dear, whats-her-face leaves the master Chef kitchen and comes up to bed, but for now I'm enjoying the time. 

I took him for a long walk today, while listening to an absolutely incredible audible book: Quantum Memory Techniques by Dominic O'Brien. I figured, instead of banging my head against the wall trying to figure out a system that works for myself, why not tap into a pre-existing system, taught by one of the masters, and use that as a foundation. DUH!! So I bought the book. And wow, is it good...

But more on that tomorrow. Phone dying.. out of time. I'm off to crash with Blaze, until J comes up and takes her shift. See, just like in a war.

Nite munks