Day 398 "Beautiful Day in the Valley"


Finally. We got some nice weather. It was up around 17C in the city today, according to Jeannette, who got so hot, at one point, she was forced to take her sweatshirt off, revealing the spitup stained t-shirt beneath. It was a shirt she put on this morning, thinking that it would be hidden under the hoodie and that she would be fine. That turned out, not to be the case. She fought it as long as she could, my mother assuring her that this was Nova Scotia, and that spit up stained t-shirts are part of our provincial dress code, until finally she decided to throw caution -and good taste- to the wind and rolled with the stained shirt like a boss. 

It wasn't as warm up here on the mountain but it was plenty nice. I meditated outside today, just for my entry level 15 minute span, most of that time wondering when one of the 750 thousand flies coming to life on my back lawn were going to throw themselves at me en mass, and devour me like the character in some Stephen King novel, then catching myself thinking and trying to focus on my breath again. But then the birds got used to my still presence and began whipping past my head at speed. That's quite a thing, to have birds essentially dive bombing past you, testing, perhaps, my ability to be at one with what was rapidly becoming an increasingly aggressive universe.

I suppose I can't even call what I ended up doing meditating, more "sitting in a lotus position thinking about how much I needed to stop thinking." 

I used a timer at the desk today. I'd work for 45 minutes then take 15 minutes off. Of course this is me we're talking about, so I only stuck to that pattern for the first hour, and then played it pretty fast and loose from then on, but it was still much better than my old system, which was to stare at the computer screen for four hours until the desire to throw myself out my own window started to over power my better judgement and I called it a day. I actually had a to do list today as well, and managed to stick to it pretty well. And now here I sit, with just the blog left to do, and one other thing I wasn't able to get done due to the fact Jeannette had my memory stick with her all day in the city. So my pep talk.. to myself.. last night, must have done something as today was a very successful day of work. 

I also began officially writing my new standup show. I'm shooting for an hour and a half of new material, which I know I have in spades up inside this tornado of a brain of mine, it's just a matter of compiling all the notes and premise ideas and fleshing them out. Nothing I haven't done a million times before, and now I have the advantage of being much more organized and focused. The key will be to write things that mean something to me, instead of coming at it from a pure joke writing stand point, that way I'll be less likely to get bored with my own stuff. I also like the fact that this will be 100% for me, as I'll be focusing my efforts on booking small theatres; first here in Nova Scotia, but then perhaps across the country, if I decide I want to go that route. Hard to say. I may just film everything here and then upload it. So much easier. 

Otherwise it was a pretty quiet day. I took Hubble for a really long walk, hoping to enjoy some of this weather before we get another snow storm... I'm only half joking. Oh man, if that happens I don't know what I'll do. Punch a weather man in the face? Who can say? The rage would be palpable. The walk was great. I ran into one of my neighbours who was telling me that young Hubble chased her truck the other day. Oh yeah, darted off our property and followed her almost all the way home. She said she was going to stop and bring him back but he promptly stopped and trotted back home himself, satisfied, I suppose, that he'd chased her off what he considers to be our property; "our property" being any land contained within the boundary of the area upon this earth that he's pissed on. So pretty much everywhere from the invisible northern line on the road outside all the way south to Los Angeles. And he takes his job very seriously. 

She was also telling me that they're nearly done the renovations on their place. They're going to be running a B&B which is a phenomenal idea given their location. They're right on the bluff, just west of the walkway down to the shore, with a view that would blow your mind. Once they get up and running I'll share a link to their place. It'll be perfect when we have family visiting that we don't want to stay with us. I kid!! So Pam, if you're reading tonight, and your name is, in fact, Pam (I met them months and months ago) let me know when you're set up and I'll plug your place!

We might be doing some renovations at some point as well, if what my dad suggested at the fund raiser last night holds up. I was telling my cousin that we might be building a new house sooner rather than later, to accommodate an in-law sweet so that we have some help with all these babies that are on the way and he leaned over and said "you know, we'd really only have to build an addition onto one of our houses and sell the other one." I think he was serious, which is an exciting prospect, despite how most people would feel about having their parents move in with them. I am not most people, nor are my parents, and I've been away from home so long I would love an opportunity to split a place with them. Jeannette gets along great with them as well, and they're dynamite with kids.. obviously. Look how well I turned out. Ignore the current length of my hair. 

Not sure when such a thing would happen, as we'd have to decide what to do and where to build and also sell one of the houses. My dad built his, so I'm not sure he'd want to come over here, but I love being on the North Mountain, and in this area in particular. We'll see. Something to think about. It would also make travelling much easier, as whenever we had to go anywhere we'd have them here to make sure the house doesn't burn down. Although I suppose there's much less chance of it burning down with me NOT inside...

Well that's it for me tonight. Tomorrow will be more of the same as I scramble to get this science fiction series mapped out and into the hands of Amanda before she loses interest! I'll likely also just go ahead and write the first episode as it's always good to go into a pitch meeting with as much material as you can. I find it helps me get even more into the world I'm creating, to begin writing the story so that I can see it on paper. It helps imagining where the series will go from there. Of course I'm talking completely out of my ass as this is the first time I've done anything like this. Oh I've had ideas for years and years and years, all mapped out in my head from A-Z, I've just never been able to sit down and draft a proper pitch. 

But when you're unemployed and live in the middle of the woods in rural Nova Scotia, you have plenty of time to work that shit out. 

Nite munks