Day 393 "Breaking Badly"

I spent the day at home, sans family. Jeannette and my mother carted Blazer all over the place today; Walmart, two doctors appointments, and who knows where else. They had a good time, from what I hear, and the blaze took his shot like a champ. Apparently he's not a fan of getting weighed, he's begun flipping out when you lay him down on a scale, which is understandable I suppose. No one enjoys getting weighed. He's only six months old and he's already developing a complex. Grim. 

I got about nothing done today, if I recall correctly. I still wasn't feeling up to snuff, my back is also wonky, so I was somewhat limited in what I was able to do. I attempted to get some work done but ended up just staring at the computer screen. The brain wasn't up to churning out anything of quality today, so instead of working I popped some corn and tucked into to some Breaking Bad. I started the series from the beginning. I needed some inspiration. I'm on about episode six currently, as I sit here, trying to focus on writing this. Tucco is ripping Jesse off as we speak, kicking the shit out of him with a bag of money.  

Walter will not be pleased about that. 

Its so well done, this show, despite the terrible message and questionable morality. But I'm watching it less for entertainment value and more to learn. 

I did read an interesting article today on the drug war. Sam Harris sends me emails whenever he writes something new, or has an interesting addition to his own blog. I should say that I signed up for his newsletter, he doesn't send me anything personally.. but still, it was a good read. I highly recommend it. It certainly has me watching Breaking Bad with a different outlook. Here's the article if you have a chance to check it out, it's certainly worth a read. 

It's called A War Well Lost and you can find it over at There are some pretty shocking revelations in the conversation he has with fellow author Johann Hari, who wrote a book on the topic and has done a lot of pretty incredible research on the matter. I'll likely check out the book as the conversation between the two was pretty enlightening. Beyond that, I did a sum total of nothing today. Wait, that's not entirely true. I meditated. I also finished a book I bought a couple days ago on memory techniques. I needed a jump start on the PAO system. I've been neglecting it and needed some inspiration in that area as well. 

The techniques are pretty incredible actually. The guy that wrote the book has the record for remembering the digits of PI, at 10, 000 places. It's legit stuff, but it requires a ridiculous amount of work on the part of anyone who wants to learn it. His techniques are somewhat different than the other ones I'd been working on, the PAO system itself, and I'm hoping that the different things he recommends in the book will help me jump start the work and get moving on it. I have lofty goals with this system, if I can ever get it working! 

I'm now on my seventh episode of Breaking Bad. Blaze is mewling on the monitor sitting next to me, which will likely have me running upstairs any second so I'll probably cut this one short tonight. Tomorrow we'll be heading to the physiotherapy clinic to get my back hooked up. It's a lot better today, but the knot is still there, driving me crazy. I should really get that x-ray!! But that would require going in to the doctor to get a little piece of paper and I just have no desire to do that. Perhaps the next time I'm there. It'll be good to get out of the house. I'm getting a bit stir crazy myself. 

Have a good night kids.