Day 392 "Rough Shape"


Not a great day. In addition to still not feeling well, I woke up with an f'd up back. How that happened I'm not sure, but when I woke up today I was in a lot of pain. It's possible it happened when I slipped on the ice on Sunday, perhaps I tweaked it, and then some quick move in the night slipped it out again. Who knows? But yikes, this is no good. I have an appointment to go in on Thursday for a treatment. It helped a lot last time, so I'm hoping it'll fix me up this time as well. Balls! As a result Jeannette did most of the heavy lifting today, not that there was any actual lifting, I speak of course, of Blaze. Not that she doesn't do most of the heavy lifting with him during the day anyway, but this time I wasn't up in the office working, but splayed out in bed. 

I'm now in the basement sitting in the recliner, watching Hell's Kitchen. Watching Gordon Ramsey yell at people always cheers me up. It's been a long night of watching television actually, which is pretty much all I'm good for today. I did take Hubble for a walk, that's the level of excitement we're rolling on over here today, hardly an improvement from yesterday. I saw four more deer. Someone's leaving them carrots at the end of the road, which makes a lot more sense as to why they're hanging around so close to the few houses in this area. Beautiful animals though. White tailed deer I believe they're called, officially. 

Tomorrow Jeannette will be taking Blaze to the doctor, two doctors actually, with my mother. I may tag along if I'm still feeling shitty but I'm hoping to be able to get back to work. This back thing is annoying though, more because I don't know what the hell the issue is. I should probably get an x-ray on it or something, just to make sure there's no structural damage in there. It's in a bad spot, right next to my spine on the left side, affecting my neck and even my shoulders when it really flares up. Hard to say what the issue is, but I do know when I let myself get out of shape it tends to be an issue. And I am most definitely out of shape! 

I'm now watching the Sens vs Pittsburgh hockey game. I have no idea what's going on in the NHL anymore. My dad asked me if I knew who won the hockey game the other night and I wasn't even sure if it was the playoffs. Two years ago I would have been able to tell you what the standings were and likely who the top ten scorers were. Now I couldn't tell you much, It's amazing how a 17 pound bundle of squirming joy completely changes your focus; though I suppose I've been pretty disinterested at what is, after all, just a game, for quite some time now. That sentiment might get my Canadian citizenship revoked but I'm willing to risk it. Funny how much emphasis we put on games, still, even as the world descends into chaos around us. 

I just heard the strangest sound. At first I thought it was running water but when I hit mute it sounded a lot more like a tasmanian devil trying to claw its way inside the house. It's stopped now, hopefully because whatever creature was trying to dig in hit an impenetrable barrier of some kind, but given the state of the rest of the house I'm guessing that's not the reason. I suppose no house is impenetrable to nature. We have tons of field mice around, I see them in the window wells when in the basement, peeking in and looking for a way to get inside. They'll get in eventually of course, because they'll come at this place one at a time, until they breach a wall somewhere. The walls don't regenerate. Mice do. Well, they replicate. Shit, I hope we're not living in an area with regenerative mice. What a terrifying concept! No worse than an actual tasmanian devil trying to dig inside, I suppose, but no less destructive over time, surely!

Okay, I'm talking nonsense now. I'm in worse shape today than I was yesterday. Oh sure I've got pants on and happen to be wearing my glasses, but I fully recognize the quality of this entry is on par, or worse than yesterday's. Nevertheless, it's down, and nearly done, and it counts just as well as any of the others. It doesn't help that I'm watching television as I'm writing it. I talked myself out of watching the hockey game and am now watching a PBS special on Henry VIII. He cut his wife's head off, that one. He got married to one of her hand maidens a week later. No doubt the new wife went into that matrimony with a couple of nervous ticks. Strange times. 

Okay, I'm done for tonight. This was a poor effort, but considering the state I'm in, I'll take it. Blaze gets his six month shots tomorrow, as long as Jenny McCarthy doesn't show up and cause any trouble. 

Nite munks.