Day 391 "Under the shitty weather"

I'm not even wearing glasses for this entry, that should give you an inkling as to how much thought and effort I'm going to be putting into it. It's 8:53pm and I'm in bed. We're really tearing it up over here on the mountain tonight! I hope the fact I'm also not wearing any pants as I write this entry out, with you in mind, doesn't freak you out at all, or dissuade you from reading any further. It's hardly meant to be provocative in any way, I'm merely painting a picture of the situation I'm in right now, which should give you an indication of why this entry might suck. 

Not that my performances are always poor with my pants off... just... in this instance. 

I'm sick. That's what I suppose I'm trying to get around to saying. I knew I was fighting something off the last couple of days, and today the tide has turned and it's taking over the ship. Mostly my throat is the issue, but earlier I had that weird, discombobulating sensation of liquid in my ear.. you know the one I'm talking about, when you suddenly hear a sloshing around in your eardrum, as if some drunken, unstable hillbilly was standing next to you with a bucket full of thick sludge, wobbling back and forth as he tries to stay on his dirty, bare feet.  ...huh??...

I think the lack of sleep is greatly helping my foe, the ailment assaulting me, succeed in its cause to put me on my back. We got up again at 7am this morning, after Blaze had another fitful sleep last night. Jeannette seems to be going into the baby room earlier and earlier to just climb in the bed with him. I've ceased caring what the opinions of others are on this practice- 'They' telling you it's not good to do- as I'll take the last 200 thousand years of human history, of sleeping in caves, and then shanties, mud huts and then lean too's, where no bassinets yet existed and you kept your kids close in the night in case a sabre toothed tiger bursts in through the makeshift wall to devour the whole lot of you, over the opinion of a few people who made knee jerk declarations after a couple of mishaps led to sad endings for a few parents out there.

It's all bollucks if you ask me.

Unless you're falling into bed with your kid, liquored up, or drugged out of your mind, like Christopher Multisanti (sp) from Sopranos, the time he killed Adrianna's dog by squashing it on the couch while high on heroin, you're going to wake up immediately if anything dangerous happens. Evolution has got you covered. Just like you don't have to remember to breath during the night. 

Friggin doctors!

But then, I hardly have the energy to get into that topic of discussion tonight. Come see me do standup if you'd like to hear more rants on that particular frustration. Yes, standup. It appears that the ball is now rolling on some more dates for me coming up soon. It's been nearly two years since I've been on a stage in the standup capacity, besides a shit show I did in LA for a former friend, where I took some notes up on stage and pretty much shat the bed. What can I say, I lost interest in standup for a while. Likely because I was running out of proper life experiences to talk about. There's only so many 'observational' jokes one can make, as one ages, before it all seems like a giant waste of time. 

Not so now. I've been divorced, met the mother of my children two months later, moved from LA to the deep woods of Nova Scotia, been on a sitcom, made out with Pam Anderson (prior to meeting the mother of my children I should say) survived two chimney fires, and fired all my agents and managers to go out on my own, as well as a bunch of things that aren't coming to mind right now, either because of fatigue or the fact my brain is already trying it's damnedest to repress them. It's been... an adventure. Lots to talk about. And now a blossoming desire to get up and talk about it all. Should be an interesting year. 

But first, I have to kick whatever is inside of me trying to turn my organs to mush. 

So we got up early this morning, but it was going to happen anyway as we had to take our vehicle in for an oil change for 10am. The place we went is right over by my parents place so while we waited we just went over to their house and hung out with them. I think it was good for Hubble, as since he got a chance to annoy the shit out of their dogs he seems to be feeling much better. He ate for the first time in a couple days today, and is back to his usual annoying self. 

After that we came home and tried our best to keep up with the spawn. He just doesn't rest this kid. His eyes pop open at 7am and he's already swinging. It was funny because my sister's kid was at my parents place today too, yes, the sister I don't speak to, so it was a rare chance to see the two kids playing alongside each other. For me anyway. Her little one approaches life in a much different way than does Blaze. She's much more of a strong, silent type, preferring to sit and watch everything go down while appearing to be constantly trying to figure out if she's pleased with what's happening or not. I had her smiling a good few times, if not laughing, but I'll take that over crying any day. Meanwhile Blaze has two toys in his mouth and is using one of his feet to flip the pages of a book. He's all about stimulation this kid. There's no time for analysis for him, that'll come later, after he's made sure to put as much information into his little brain as possible. 

I knew when we got home that I was in a bit of trouble, health wise. Energy levels were drastically low, and I managed to get some sleep last night.. I think. I don't know, who can say? The last seven months have been a friggin' blur, and laying here in bed right now, with no pants on, and Hubble laying next to me instead of my beautiful bride to be, who is giving me the night to get a good sleep while she stays with Blaze in the other room (selflessness?? Or does she just want to keep her distance from me??) I couldn't possibly tell you when that blur will clear up and I'll get back to being 100%. With another kid coming... the chances are slim to none. 

And shit man, we've got another seven more on the way. I may never sleep again. 

Have a good night munks. Yap at you tomorrow.