Day 384 "Don't Call It A Comeback"


It’s 2:04pm and I’m sitting in my new office. I don’t mean to brag, but I don’t have a stitch of furniture or decoration besides the desk I’m currently sitting in front of. No matter. My new chair arrived at the store today, even as I was on my back underneath the desk I now sit at, with a power drill and a dream; taking the keyboard shelf off my basement desk and attaching it to the one up here. I was successful, aside from the screw I was laying on the whole time, a lump of steel that probably rearranged the order of my spinal column, that I didn’t even notice… honestly, I’m like the complete opposite to the Princess and the Pea. I didn’t notice a screw biting in my back meat until I rolled off and saw it.. Shame. 

I wouldn’t recommend shaking the desk to any level violence past an accidentally brush, due to the fact that two of the screws I put back in, of the four, are only about 30% in their slots, which is “good enough for the girls we go out with”, as a construction friend once said to me, but not ideal. Come to think of it, that friend turned out to be a bit of a shit head, though I suppose that doesn’t mean I have to throw all his sayings out, like the baby with the dirty bathwater. 

I think I’ll like the new digs up here in the guest room. Things should really come into focus once I put some paint on the walls, get my chair from the wicker emporium, and generally spruce it up a bit with the types of things you find in an office… whatever those are; a globe? A filing cabinet? A receptionist?? Who can say? Clearly I have more thought to put into this. Nevertheless, I moved up here today because I’m keen to get moving on work and I have all I need to get to work; my computer, my brain, and my white board. Of course, I also have the Jambox sitting next to me blaring Motown tunes, with a Buddha head bust sitting peacefully on the window sill just behind it. We live in interesting times. 

Blaze was a monster last night. The active theory is that we put him to bed too quickly after feeding him, which, combined with the fact he’s off his reflux meds for the first night, probably doomed us from the start. As a result of his shenanigans, we both woke up tired, with mild headaches, though Jeannette was in worse shape than I was, bearing the majority of Blaze’s brunt during the nights. She’s a trooper that one. All I can confirm, as the details of the long night are still a little sketchy, is that we passed him back and forth in bed like a whiney joint, until finally Jeannette took him into the guest room to chill him out this morning, before getting up with him and taking him in to her doctors appointment. 

That’ll be the last wee hour session in the guest room for them, as the space has been rededicated for my office, which I already spoke of, not 400 words ago (honestly, if you can’t keep up at this point, we may have to readdress our relationship. I don’t know how I can hold your hand through these entries. Try harder, is my only recommendation to you) All is not lost however, as daddy was able to shove the queen sized bed in the baby’s room, and shift a bunch of his other stuff around, making it all fit, if a tad cramped, though I’d be surprised if the temporarily confined space bothered him much, given the fact he can’t even crawl. I’m betting we have a good five years or so before the concept of a “small room” begins to niggle in his little brain stem, causing images of what daddy’s office would look like with all of his shit in it, to get fired by neural synapses somewhere in the area of his prefrontal cortex, reflecting the Shangrala that could be his with just a bit of complaining to the right ear… his mom’s. 

Until then I will rock this space to the best of my abilities, getting at least the work I have in mind done, before we have to do any major restructuring again. The other benefit to this setup is that I can use the former space in the basement for a workout area/shooting studio. I’ve got the green screen up and have done some tests already, the system I have passing with flying colours so far, though the real tests are still to come. I figure if I am able to shoot scenes down there between the actors involved, and then place them in a location at some later date, without too much trouble, or any obvious subterfuge, then it’ll basically take all the time right out of the actual shooting of the scene. The dream would be to be able to have my actor friends fly or drive in for a couple of days, get all their stuff shot in the basement, with a dedicated lighting setup, so that we can turn this house into a full fledged comedy factory. 

I’m sure you can see how such a system would be advantageous, especially for a couple of performers living in the same house, out in the woods, with very little else to do other than make each other laugh and clean up blarp. 

I’m still a long way off with all the designs I have, but I’m feeling very good about the direction I’m headed, which is forward. I also wrote a bunch of new standup material last night, as those juices are starting to flood back into my system as well. 

“Don’t call it a come back -WHAT? -I been here for years!”

 I can’t say I’m surprised, as I mentioned on this blog many times that a return to standup was likely imminent, it was just a matter of time, and also figuring out what I wanted to talk about, that was the biggest part right there. Well the time, as it happens, is fast approaching. I’ll be reaching out to someone today actually, who will likely be able to help me with just that endeavour. I’m hoping she’s as cool as my cousin says, because her long list of local credits and connections is rather impressive. This is the next thing I have to do of course, is connect with the artistic people in this province, and try to convince them that my plan for world domination could not only work, but could give the industry in this area a real bump. 

It’s time to put money where mouths are. 

Have a good day guys. 

I feel like there was something else I wanted to tell you… this is what I get for just sitting down with nothing in mind and pounding away at the keys. It’s generally readable but I’m no doubt missing a lot of the golden stuff!!