Day 383 "Get Hard.. if you can't get your money back."


I feel better today. Not great, I suppose, not at my best, I doubt, certainly not able to climb most trees.. well, I could, if I psychopath was after me, or a leopard, or even someone very small and relatively unthreatening, if they were angry enough.

That's how I judge my fitness level over here, in the jungle, by how fast I can climb a tree, or if I even can, at all. Surely at 38 I can't fall into that final, grim, category of people just yet. Surely I have another good 20, 30 years of tree climbing, when necessary, if shit went down and I had to scamper up quick; doesn't always have to be violence, I can also imagine floods. 

We took the day off from life today, Jeannette and I, and by life I mean Blaze and work; the responsibilities and whatnots. We took him to my parents place, don't worry, I didn't mean to suggest we'd woken up today and just left Blaze to fend for himself in his crib for the day. Nothing so sinister as that. We did our parental duties, getting all of his baby stuff together, then taking him to the grandparents place. We fed him and all that, but from any moment after dropping him, and Hubble, off at my parents place.. I can't say for sure, as we were off the clock and didn't keep track of any shenanigans, that may or may not have been "gotten up to", whilst on 'les town' by our lonesomes, like a couple of crazy kids with no kids.

With asses still capable of climbing trees... grim. 

We went to a movie. I can confirm that. Get Hard. That's not a suggestion, it's the title of the movie. I wasn't overly impressed with the flick myself, despite laughing quite hard on a few occasions, something that would happen, I would imagine, if ever I spent an hour and a half with Will Ferrell. I would hope to laugh even more than that, in his talented company, but that didn't happen today, during our popcorn filled, blaze free, matinee movie. 

To be fair to the actors, it really wasn't their fault. The issues I had with it weren't so much in that department. It just had too many similarities to The Other Guys, the character dynamics between the lead males, the wall street "rich people are shit heads" theme, but this movie didn't have the storyline The Other Guys had, in my opinion. I also didn't understand the scene where Kevin Hart simulates being bounced back and forth in the prison yard, and goes between playing a latino gangster, a black gangster, and a very feminine character, all three of whom were pushing Ferrell back and forth for at least five minutes longer than was even necessary. It was an odd scene and there were many others.

I also particularly loved the part where the bad guy pretty much just punches them in the face and walks off with the old computer, wheeling it up to the next level in the under ground parking lot.. in Beverly Hills. This is after Kevin Hart, who isn't really the badass criminaI he says he is, nudge, nudge, wink, wink, comedy comedy, picks up the gun that falls when Will's character tackles the bad guy. Not only does he not know how to shoot or hold a gun, he hasn't even figured out that complex evolutionary maneuver, the "walk backwards away from the crazy person" move. 

I suppose one could argue the movie isn't for my age group, though I think it is, sad as that is to admit for our species, and say that it's for younger audiences. You could certainly make that argument, but then you'd have to accompany your children to a social work seminar on parenting before having them taken away, tomorrow. Yes, I'm that guy now. The parent, with the increasingly difficult task of shaping future minds, in the world we now live in, weighing heavily now on my own. Hardly a movie for the younger crowd, though I'd wager nothing that my nephews have or will see it soon.

Juvenile humour then, with adults in mind, and a certain number of youth they know will see it anyway. Not a demographic I'd be shooting for myself, with the industrial strength broom sized brush used here. But that's what makes life grand! The differences in people!

I don't know. As I said, I'd belly laugh at Will Ferrell at least a handful of times if we were hanging out, and will likely watch him again, but the next time he calls wanting to spend an afternoon together I'll find out who he's bringing along first. If it's John C. Reilley I'm in.. Mark Wahlberg, I'll be there till at least the third act, but if it's Kevin Hart, I'm going to pass. He can be charming, and I'm sure he's killed many other roles that I have not seen him in, but this was my introduction to the guy, and much as one of my aforementioned nephews may hate to hear it, I'm not a fan. 

We went to my parents place and picked Blaze up after the movie. They had a good day with him I think, fresh off the night with my niece, the other brand new one, so I think my parents will have an earned night off tonight. I actually just had to spend an odd thirty minutes with the Blazer on the couch after he woke up ornery. It's his first night without his reflux meds, that we figured we'd try to ween him off when the prescription bottle we have runs out, which was today. This is not a good sign.

I just put him back and he seems pretty chill right now so I'll end this here and get as much sleep as I can before he wakes up screaming about the; "Hot gut bubbles no longer kept at bay by the faulty throat valve that stuff was helping with!" 

What can I say, he's a very wordy kid.