Day 382 "My Head is Pounding!"

I have a splitting headache right now. I've taken a couple of Tylenol and probably shouldn't be writing the blog right now, but what can I say? I'm chancing it in order to get it over with. I have a feeling I won't be feeling very well for the rest of the day, my 'under the weather-ness' getting progressively worse the last couple of days. It's probably just a cold, no doubt due to the weather, and lack of sleep, and I'm hoping I'll kick it soon. 

Tomorrow Jeannette and I will be dropping the kid off at my parents place and catching a matinee. We have no idea what's playing but it doesn't matter. Whatever we end up watching will just be for the sake of seeing a movie, and having some time between just the two of us. I couldn't even tell you what's playing. Oh man, writing this thing now might have been a bad idea, staring at the screen is not the most comfortable thing to do when one has a splitting headache. Balls. 

This is grim. 

The weather outside looks pretty bleak as well, likely adding to the overall feel of today so far. More rainy behaviour from the Nova Scotian weather. Hopefully it'll end with that and we won't see any more snow, but I heard yesterday that we might be getting more of the white assault by tomorrow. I haven't heard how many centimetres we'll be getting, and I probably don't want to know, to be honest, preferring instead to stay in the dark about what's coming. I've got gas in the snow blower which is all I need to make sure of. Whatever happens happens. 

I just got a whatsapp from my cousin Jamie about snow shoeing tomorrow, but if I'm feeling anything like this I won't be leaving the house at all, our trip to the theatre even now in question. Headaches are the worst!! At least if you're ill anywhere else you can use your brain to read, or watch TV, or surf the internet, or any of the other multitude of things you can still focus on when you're sick somewhere else in the body. But headaches make for a shitty time all around. They sap strength and any positivity, making it tough to focus on anything other than keeping your eyes closed and waiting for it to pass. 

I don't get as many headaches as I used to, which is a good sign I suppose, that I don't get as stressed out about things as I used to. I doubt this is a stress headache so much as the result of not feeling well lately, and now Jeannette has come down into the basement saying she's not feeling well either. Uh oh.  The good news is that Blaze seems fine, and is currently in his exersaucer trying to lunch himself out into space. As long as he doesn't get sick we should be good. 

I'm hoping this will pass soon and will allow me to work today. The tylenol usually helps. No doubt I'm suffering from a bit of cabin fever, as we've been trapped inside for the last couple of weeks, with a few short trips here and there, that barely breaks up the monotony. Ordinarily I'm quite happy to stay home, but when I feel like shit, as I do now, I start to think maybe I need a change of scenery. 

Nothing to do about it now however. Instead of going somewhere, I'll likely crawl over to the couch and see if I can't fall back to sleep and let the meds to their thing. Although that plan appears to have been rendered implausible by the whining that Blaze has just decided to dedicate himself to. 

Grim day ahead, my friends. I hope you enjoy your Saturday more than me!