Day 371 "Late Entry Debacle"


Blaze was a buzzsaw last night. As soon as I finished the blog and put the phone down, closed my eyes and settled into a well deserved sleep, he erupted in shrieking fury, and was inconsolable until we finally relented and fed him, at 11:00pm... regressing!

As I do not have lactating breasts, and thus cannot simply lay in bed with him and sleep as he latches on and takes what he needs -and yes, I immediately apologize to all of you for the visual- but because I don't have that feeding strategy as an option, and we are also trying to keep from cuddling him in the villainous hours, in order to 'teach him how to comfort himself' -whatever that means- feeding him now, in the night, consists of putting him in his little chair, sitting down on the floor with him, and trying to stay awake so that your hand doesn't drop and smear his face with a wet, fake nipple. It's uncomfortable work, made no less so by the blanket Jeannette loving tosses in my lap, or the pillow for my back she shoves between me and the crib, propping me up like an inanimate object, before happily shutting the door, leaving the room and prancing to bed, off to get her beauty sleep while this poor bastard, yours truly, languishes on the floor, feeding the SLOWEST EATER ON EARTH, as his ass falls asleep, his legs turn into pins and needles, and his head intermittently bounces off his own knee caps.

That was how I spent my night.

I'm just glad we now have witnesses, to our little nightly routine, in case l am ever accused of embellishing these entries, for effect, or to gain readership. No, the child is a screaming banshee in the night, a wild, feral, savage thing that demands attention, and stimutation, and action and won't stop blowing shit up until he gets satisfaction, or at the very least his sooce put back into his mouth; Sooce being codename for soother... for some reason.

I did manage to get a lot of work done today, despite my Zombie state, and was at my parents house for the afternoon, after dropping my nephew off at home, grabbing my dad's van, and saying peace out to Jeannette and her mom, who headed out on some errands. Meanwhile, Jeannette's sister was back home making dinner and minding the Blaze, while the wizard continued his investigation into the internal workings of my heating system. Oh yeah, in addition, he tweaked my snow blower...

... update... 

It's now 3am and the fire department just left, after yet another furnace debacle. I shit you not. Listen, before I fill you in on the happy details, let me just say that if I sound casual about all this, or come across as flippant, it's only because it's how I blow off steam, after events such as this, when the fight or flight response is engaged, and I find myself standing out in the snowstorm, in a t-shirt piling my infant son, three young soon to be nieces, mother-in-law, brother in-law, sister-in-law, and oh yes pregnant wife into the car; it is how, you might say, I dissipate my own heat... if only my godforsaken furnace had such a mechanism.

Where to begin... Shit man, I'm tired, and a bit drained, my head hurts a bit, from the smoke, no doubt, and fatigue, not to mention the adrenaline dump. What a day. And since I really don't know where to start, and haven't the energy to do justice to the events that just transpired I'll just shut this down now, no pictures, no excerpt, just the bare minimum of 30min-ish. You'll forgive me I'm sure, given the info I've already detailed.

I'll tell you about it tomorrow, not that I'll be going to sleep any time soon. I'll likely just sit in the furnace room with my eyes taped open and two hoses pointed at the angry steel dragon in my basement.