Day 370 "Gong Show"



I don't mean to brag, but I'm currently watching Dora The Explorer and I'm guessing you're not.

Jeannette's family has arrived and my house is packed to the rafters. In addition to Jeannette's mom we also have her sister, brother-in-law, and their three kids, as well as my nephew. If there is a piece of this house capable of occupying a sleeping human being, it has been spoken for. Even poor Hubble has been relegated to a curled up position inside an emptied out toilet bowl, the only space we could find, and a much better fate than he probably deserves, given his attitude lately.

I still have no idea how we managed to get everyone here. I had a hell of a time getting into the airport this morning. We had to slam through a few snowdrifts to get off the mountain, as it was barely one lane in some places and the wind continued to blow it across the road, so that at times you couldn't see a damn thing in front of you.

The conditions were so grim, in fact, the drive off the mountain so bad, that I dropped Jeannette and Blaze off at my parents house instead of bringing them into the airport. There was no need for them to come, other than to greet Sitto, Blaze's grandma, so I figured it was a wiser course of action to leave the precious cargo in a safe place, and let the expendable one head out into the slick, wintry chaos all by his lonesome.

I'd much prefer getting stranded on the side of the road somewhere by myself, rather than have the additional stress of a baby AND a pregnant woman to accomodate in what would have been the sketchiest of conditions, had anything happened and we'd gotten stuck somewhere.

l drove cautiously, listened to my lecture series on sentence theory and structure, chugged a cup of coffee, and used the third degree mouth burns to keep me awake for the duration, after a night of almost no sleep. Blaze was a nonsensical mess last night!

When I got to the airport, only about a half hour late, Jeannette's mom was waiting right at the door, so I grabbed her bag, turned around, and headed right back out into the shit. The drive back was much better, mind you, the conversation with Jeannette's mom FAR more stimulating than my lessons on syntax, and we made good time.

Meanwhile, as we're driving back from the airport, Jeannette's sister and her family are stuck in St. John waiting for the ferry to get back in service, it too having been shutdown from the storm, forcing them to stay in a hotel for the past couple of nights. Gong show. They arrived sometime in the late afternoon and since then I don't think either Hubble or Blaze have had a moment without a little face, or two, or three, all up in their grill.

They caught the storm dead in the middle and couldn't do much but wait it out, something Jeannette and I had to do ourselves when we drove back from Ottawa around this time last year. 

My nephew is also on spring break, and likes hanging out here, so we brought him out as well for the foreseeable future, which is good because he's very interested in the camera and green screen stuff and I can never have too much help with all that. It's pretty cool actually, all the things I'll be able to show him how to do, now that we're here permanently. He's a super funny kid and has designs on being a comedian himself he tells me.

See, now I'm not the type to discourage something like that, despite how difficult and painful a road as it is. Far better I think, if that ends up being something he wants to pursue, to share with him everything I've learned over the course of my run to help shave what is a very difficult learning curve.

Thankfully, I've got some time before he starts asking to open for me, but dear god, that day is approaching rapidly. 

Tomorrow everyone we'll be laying low. Gary, my future brother-in-law will be dissecting my house to find out what he can about some of the issues we've been having, he's a wizard in this area it seems, while I'll be heading over to my parents place to get some of my own work done. We'll see how much I'm over there this week, and how much work I do get done. It's always nice to hang out with family when they're in town.

That's it. It's 11:11. I'm done.