Day 368 "House of Pies"



I'm watching House of Cards right now. Kevin Spacy spit on Jesus. We live in interesting times. 

I've had a long but productive day, a somewhat disappointing day, and above all, a tiring day, and all of them, coincidentally enough, happened today.

My day was productive because I got a shit ton of stuff done at the house. My designs for the website are coming along nicely. I cleaned the garage and did my best with the basement, there's still a lot to do, but with the storm coming Jeannette's family won't be here until Monday so that gives me an extra day. I've got my green screen up and the lights assembled, I did a few test runs the other day, and with a simple click of a mouse button I had removed myself from my basement and placed myself rather convincingly in my yard; no adjustments, no tinkering, a single click. It's a long way to creating my own media empire, but one must start somewhere.

The disappointing part of my day surfaced early, in an email from a friend I'd reached out to a week ago about getting involved with the company, in pretty much way they would like, and was hoping to get to work together again soon.

Not going to happen. That friend is busy right now, which I knew, but given the wide open nature of the endeavor, the do-it-yourself-to-create-your-own-content aspect, I figured perhaps some part would appeal. Negative. There was no interest in the idea whatsoever, or even a conversation about it.

l was surprised, despite what others had said about the likelyhood of this person getting involved, surprised because we've been very close over the past bunch of years and I suppose assumed that would carry more weight than it did. It made sense after further review, and discussion, with Jeannette, as most things do. She could tell I was a little bummed out.

I won't call it a setback, so much as what I called it earlier, a disappointment, a good reminder that expectations are the cornerstones of suffering; the Buddha said that, or Mr. Rogers,.. maybe Bono. Who can say? The point is, there are plenty more fish in the sea, and there's nothing to worry about so long as we keep moving forward. Savvy?

I think there may also be an additional lesson about holding on to things that don't actually exist, a particularly disruptive conscious process called grasping, I believe, but I'll need some more time to gnaw on that one..

For now I'll keep working away as I have been on the design, and pitch materials, and see what comes out of it.  lt looks like l'll have the whole day tomorrow as well, due to the storm, though I suppose I'll be spending a lot of time keeping the fire burning and the snow from buying the driveway.

Have a good Sunday munks.  

To my friend, should they read this, I truly do wish you the best of luck! as I'm sure you do for me, and hope by some miracle or happenstance we get to play again sometime. 

Onwards and upwards.