Day 367 "Mommy Dearest"


11:20.  We had a long day. It started out very well, unless you count the hours and hours we spent with Blaze last night. Captain Fussy Pants McGee was up to his usual nonsense and though most of it is a blur, I do recall laying on the couch in the basement, trying to get the fire going because it got too cold in the house, and other uprootedness. No idea what his problem was, but there wasn’t too much we could do, so we just endured, to the best of our abilities, and got up this morning as bright-eyed and limp tailed as we could. 

It was my mothers birthday today so we surprised her at work with Blaze, a cake and a picture frame, containing an image of her and.. Yes.. The boy. No one wants pictures of us anymore. Which is fine by me. I’ll take the pictures any day of the week, it gives me a chance to use my phone!

I’m still loving that phone by the way, James Ivany, and I haven’t missed the iPhone a single day since. I feel like I’ve been beamed to some future Earth when I pull my stylus out and put it to work. I could go on and on, regaling you with countless ways it is an improvement over the apple design, but I won’t. It was my mothers birthday and that’s a far more interesting topic. 

When we took Blaze into the office he got passed around by the women who work with my mother, and as they were doing it I was reminded of how NHL hockey players pass around the Stanley Cup after winning it; handled delicately, passed lightly, held aloft lovingly, that’s how these women passed him around the room this afternoon. He seems to be a big hit in public, this kid, and he really digs people, having yet to seem upset around anyone. 

We took my mother to lunch, my niece Bailey meeting us there, in her own car, the 18 year old adult, that she is, I suppose, and went to a new place, that just moved into a location where four restaurants have died already, none of them lasting long. Good luck to them. I had a kickass gourmet burger, that my stomach wasn’t ready for, having missed breakfast for the preferred choice of as much sleep as possible. That burger will cost me at some point down the road..

After the lunch we had to go do some errands, before finally picking Hubble up from the groomers. They kinda butchered his face, to be honest, deciding for some reason that he had too much hair on his head. I don’t know what gave them this idea, given the fact they’d never met him, and what I’d told them to do when I’d dropped him off. A clean and trim around his face, was what I’d told them we wanted done. Then we picked him up and he looks like a bear with the head of a hairless cat stitched on. Perhaps not that bad, but Jeannette is pretty unhappy about it. 

Her family comes Sunday and she’d promised her nieces a super cute, fluff ball, of a dog. In his present form they’re liable to walk right past him looking for the dog they were promised. 

To be honest, I’m about done with this entry, knowing full well the time doesn’t support that statement, nor the amount of material written.. And yet, here we are.

My eyes are tired. I should have slept, when we got back from our errands, and the picking up of our butchered dog, should have slept when I had the chance, this afternoon, when Jeannette had Blaze sorted out… but no… I chose instead to work.  I’m messing around with photoshop right now, doing a design for the entry page for my company website. It’s going to be a pretty interactive thing, none of which I know how to do at all, but for now all I need is the visuals. I can describe what I’d like those visuals to do, the pages I’d like some of those visuals to link to, and so on/ and get people who CAN do those things excited about the idea. 

I love design work, haven’t done it for a while, but am looking forward to getting back into it a little. I still have work to do on the sci-fi pitch, but we’ve been busy this week so I haven’t had a prolonged amount of time at the desk, still, I’m hopeful that this coming week I’ll be able to dig in and get what I need to do done. I’ll be spending as much time as I can with Jeannette’s family, of course, but I also have access to my parents house this week, with my father in Brazil and my mother at work, I have a huge office on the other mountain just waiting for me.  No screaming! No floor kicking above my head! Just quiet and space and time. I’m looking forward to it..

If I play it right, I may get a load of work done indeed.  That’s it! Time’s up! Night munks!