Day 361 "It's past noon and I'm still not wearing pants"

No part of me wants to get out of bed right now, it's Saturday morning, it's storming a bit outside and the temperature out from under this blanket is enough to freeze your jollies off. No thanks, I'd rather sleep, especially since my other option is to get up, put pants on, and descend into the frigid depths of the basement to try to get moist wood to burn. Yeesh.

We'll be going out today for all that stuff I mentioned yesterday. Rather than going out and doing it after I'd written the blog, we decided instead to stay inside and rest and then wonder out today instead. The reason is the same as it's been for the past five months straight, lack of sleep. Blaze seems to be regressing a bit, so the last few nights have been trials, with a healthy dose of errors, I have no doubt, and low and behold there's another one coming in just a few short months, riding us down like one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse, come to put an end to our freedom and any sleep we may have been hoping to enjoy in the next 18 years.

No matter. They won't break me, these kids! Oh sure, they'll bend me, and crack me, and punch me in the face a few times, and rip my glasses off, and blarp all over every piece of clothing I put on, 10 seconds after I've changed into it, not to mention the ball kicking that amounts to what appears to be Blaze's first hobby, a relatively stomach churning practice he gets up to whenever I'm changing him on the bed, and happen to be wearing sweatpants, which is often: #WhoAmITryingToImpress? Oh, I have no doubt they'll both continue to do this and more, but they won't break me.

l did get a lot of good work done yesterday, mostly on the sci-fi series but also on the production company front. I hadn't heard back from that studio I'd told you about, so I just called them up and chatted with their creative director a bit, seems like a good dude. We left it where it had been before, hoping to do a meet and greet when schedules allow. Not that I 'll be waiting around for that, if other arrangements can be made. That's the new theme of things in my world these days, priminions, keep moving forward, regardless of obstacle, and make sure to surround yourself with others who attack life that way. Being "like-minded" isn't necessarily a good thing, that's not something I'm pushing, in fact having access to people who interpret things completely differently from you can be a major advantage, that's why working with Harland when I was on Package Deal, and having him to go to for another perspective on a joke, was so helpful; in fact, Harland is good example of someone who dreams big and has the work ethic and talent to go make it happen, and in that way he and I are very similar. That's what I meant by 'like-minded', seeing the opportunities out there and moving forward without pause, doubt or hesitation.

And most important of all, make sure to leave all the people who'd tell you different, or regale you with all the ways a thing 'can't'  work, exactly where you found them, sitting inert and miserable on the side-lines, collecting barnacles.

I've just motivated myself to get up and put pants on and throw some of that wet wood around!  See how this works?!

Thanks Harland! |mp