Day 360 "Full circle"

50306. "Harrison Ford Crashes Plane"

50306. "Harrison Ford Crashes Plane"

We've come full circle, according to the blog date, a circular trip all the way from day 1 to now. Not a year, not quite, not yet, but a sphere of a kind, a big, round ball of blog entries for your perusal, enjoyment and or occasional confusion. I don't feel any different, not that I expected to, nor do I expect to feel any different five days from now. After this long it's just become a part of my day.

Blaze was an unruly savage last night, crying loudly and intermittently from the hour of 1 am till.. I don't know, five minutes ago. Jeannette did most of the heavy lifting after I went to bed at 3 am and is now suffocating him into a nap upstairs. I was with them for a moment after waking up, the three of us enjoying a coId but sunny morning in bed, until the little gremlin blarped all over me and the duvet. They never show that particular detail in scenes like that in the movies.

Today we're going into the mall. We've decided to throw caution to the wind and finish decorating the house. The fate of Package Deal aside, I'm feeling good enough about the work I'm doing to put some picture frames up and get a couple pieces of furniture... at minimum, maybe a new duvet.. sonofa- Jeannette's ring has also been re-sized so she can finally get that bad boy into the cycle. Otherwise we'll just look around and see what else is there. Who knows, maybe I'll get a latte. Live a little.

I managed to get a shit ton of work done yesterday.  It appears as though I'm just going ahead and writing the pilot for the sci-fi series. I'm beyond excited about it, you have no idea, it's all I used to do as a kid, come up with stories like this, long before I ever saw comedy as anything other than a tool to be used to get out of doing things you don't want to do, or alleviate any uncomfortable or awkward situation you happen to find yourself in.

l wrote a few scripts when I was in Toronto, and then LA, but you can't get people to buy into big ideas when you're unestablished and have yet to figure out how to 'pitch a concept', especially when you are, in their mind, a comedian. Few people seem to understand the concept of a person who 'does' or 'practices' the various skills that interests him, without being labelled a certain way, which is to say, while I have always practiced standup comedy I don't think of myself as a comedian, though I act I do not consider myself an actor, though I write I am not solely a 'writer'. Avoid such labels whenever possible, they do little but limit imagination and exploration into others areas.

We also heard back from my accountant who is very interested in helping out with the production company, so I've put some family in touch with him, in Ottawa, and they'll all be getting together SOON. Once they get us all set up I can start telling you more about what I seem to be up to. Until then, I'll just keep plugging away on those aforementioned 'pitch materials' and pilot and let the wheels that have been put into motion roll on up this Sisyphaen hill on their own.

Before I go l'd like to take a moment to congratulate one of my partners in this endeavor, the star of the sci-fi series I'm working on, Amanda Tapping, for being named ACTRA's 'Woman of the Year', for both her contribution to the industry, through acting, directing and producing, as well as all her humanitarian work around the world. She's a very talented artist that I'm very excited to work with again. I have no doubt I'll learn a lot from her.

That's it. Have a good  munks.