Day 357 #MagnumStyle



10:53 I don't know how I'm not unconscious right now, given the amount of sleep I'm on and the amount of work I did today, some of it wood related, most of it of the production company variety. I'm tired, for sure, but also very excited, to be able to get to work with the people who want to work with me on some of these ideas. I had conversations with a couple of those guys today, strategic conversations, with more good ideas thrown into the pile. 

I'm still working mostly on writing the pitch materials and getting everything in an easily ingestible format, the show outlines and website ideas, but it was good to just talk through some stuff today, especially since there had been so many developments since the last time we were able to connect.. then Blaze exploded, perhaps nature's way of telling me that it was time to go upstairs and help mum out, so I did, and came just in time before she passed out. Not literally, please don't misunderstand me. She was simply exhausted.

She was particularly tired today. I'm thinking this second baby is catching up to her. Imagine what it'll be like in three or four months when she starts getting kicked from the inside, even as Blaze is pummelling her from the outside? She's gonna be beat down!

My cousin was telling me about a school in the Philippines with some of the best nannies in the world, robo nannies, nanny ninjas, capable of anticipating your every possible need, not that any of these represent propositions Jeannette would endorse, mind you. This is just my belly dreaming; no, not dreaming..-sensing impending hardship and looking at all possible options, regardless of geographical, cultural, or even spousal concerns. This runs under the radar of even the heart, primal as it is, the needs of the belly!

It's gonna be a lot of cereal and/or bagels for dinner coming up kids! It doesn't take Nostradamus to see that one coming at me, though she cooked up a feast tonight, warrior queen that she is! so who knows. Maybe she'll pop these two kids into shape and get them to fall in line. It's too early to say. My guess is we're doomed.

Have l mentioned l need to start writing this blog earlier in the day? I'm turning into a zombie, watching it happen even, in the mirror every morning, and a glimpse at night, hair greying daily, Barack Obama style, until finally l'll be left some mindless thing, a full fledged zombie, slave to the wild feral creature, in the crib upstairs, the bugger that won't sleep.

It's okay, I'll need to look haggard soon anyway, if this sci-fi show gets on its feet, which it is slowly starting to do, like a newly dropped calf, licking its slimy, new hooves while writhing on the ground in the mud and sludge and gloppy, discarded portal bits: solitary confinement shape, as we're calling it, to give you a better picture of what I'm saying, without giving anything of the idea away.

If you're not a frequent reader you may not be aware of the fact that I am not, currently, in what I would call 'solitary shape'. My shape, in fact, would more closely resemble that of the ex-con, who had been out of some prison hellhole the past year or so, hasn't dealt with any of the horrors he'd seen and been victim to while languishing there -think maybe LA-.., so he buries himself in chip bags, and the best apple pie you've ever had, and takes his sweet time dropping what he now refers to as his "Blaze" fat... whatever THAT shape looks like. ... ahem... hypothetically speaking of course.

Maybe that'll be part of the deal, I'll get one of those UFC trainers to get me into prison shape, and then pay someone to chatter in my ear nonstop day and night in order to drive my sanity levels into 'solitary confinement' shape, a few people immediately coming to mind for that last grim task. I always wanted a gig like that, some role that requires you to learn something physical, like a martial art or musical instrument.

Yes, well why wait when I can create?

More work tomorrow.  That's the only good thing about snow, it makes for good snowball rolling.

l neglected to mention the fact we'd had a great lunch with my cousin Joslyn yesterday. She's ready to pop with her fourth child, second daughter, do the math, so there'll be yet another baby on the mountain, with yet another coming in September.

It's an invasion. Run for your lives! 

... they don't sleep.