Day 435: Cleaning out the Backyard

yes, those are crocs

yes, those are crocs

I'm ending the night by watching Hell's Kitchen. This is definitely a guilty pleasure. Of all the reality shows I watch this one is the hardest to justify, both to myself and all my loyal readers. What can I say, I still enjoy watching Gordon Ramsey flip out on people, especially the people he typically has on this show.

Tonight is a 2 hour episode. Okay... there's really no defending that. 

Blaze and Jeannette are in bed after a long day out and about. We dropped the kid off at my mom's this morning and then took Hubble to the vet to get a couple of his tick bites checked out. We also had to get him caught up on his vaccinations. The vet told us not to worry about the tick bites, gave us some medication we can give him to help fight them off, and then gave us some more general information about the enemy we face. There's really very little chance of a dog catching lime disease from a tick, only about 10% or so, and I believe that number is with ticks that actually have the disease... which would make sense. I'm guessing about 100% of dogs avoid getting it from ticks not carrying it...

When we got home Jeannette turned around and left for an appointment and I got a text from my cousin telling me the guy who's helping him cut down some trees on his property is available to help me out tomorrow.. if I'm ready. So after she left I set out into the dark danger of my overgrown backyard to figure out what I want done back there. I took my surveyor flags from my memory work last year and went around marking the trees I don't want cut. There's a lot of room back there. 

I'm pretty excited about finally getting the land cleared up. It was fun walking around plotting out what I'm going to do with it, though I'll have to run some of my ideas past Jeannette to see what she thinks. One idea she's not too keen on is removing the trees between the road and the house. She thinks it'll cut down on our "privacy" but I reminded her we live out in the middle of nowhere, all we have is privacy. We also have a ton of small pine that we can move to the road, but it'll take a few years for them to mature. I'm not too worried about it, I don't plan on going anywhere any time soon.. though I've said that before. I've moved around enough in this life to never put any restraints on future behaviour. Who knows what can happen? 

One thing that surprised me today was that I really didn't get attacked by any ticks. I had one on me when I came back inside. One. And I was out in the backyard, among the dead trees and long grass for a good few hours. And this wasn't a clear path through a well kept forest either. I expected a full on assault. It makes me wonder why there are so many down the road. It doesn't make any sense. 25?? How does a dog get 25 ticks on him in less than two weeks??? It's suspect!! Once I get my backyard cleared out, and my book written, and my production company set up... and my second kid comes... and perhaps after a haircut... I'm definitely going to look into it.

Kill me now.

Oh, and I screwed up the date on Hubble's grooming. When my cousin came by tonight to drop off my goPro he was surprised the dog was still a ball of tick collecting fur. That's tomorrow. Today was the vet. Tomorrow he gets shaved naked. I try to keep all of this straight, honestly, I do my level best, but I'm falling well behind. I can't keep up with all these appointments. Thankfully Jeannette does. She'll have to start slapping sticky notes to my forehead. 

The other noteworthy occurrence today was a recommendation from my mom to google a graduation speech given by Jim Carrey that she'd seen recently online. I'll leave you with it here if you have any interest in watching. He's a deep thinker that guy. My mom was surprised by this but I knew enough about him to expect something impressive. He doesn't disappoint in this speech. It's a very good watch if you're looking for any inspiration this blog entry didn't provide... so, you know... WATCH IT!