Day 313 "Into The Woods"

   000118. #hikeBlackrock #bushpilotKevin


000118. #hikeBlackrock #bushpilotKevin

Well I see Squarespace has added a new feature to the writing format of their mobile app.  

That bar above the keyboard with the fancy b's and chain links and what not.  

I liked it right up until I lost the words I was writing behind it. But it's worked itself out so we're back on track. This might not seem like a big deal to you, but to me, who thumbs most of these entries, it will save precious time. precious time I could better spend sleeping, which I am in desperate need of now. 

I don't know why I'm so tired. Well, I did go for that group hike today, but we were only out for an hour and a half or so. Nothing too strenuous.  

Although I did talk the whole way with a guy I met at the outset. He lent me snowshoes. My cousin Jamie did the pink path, the shorter one. For beginners. Myself, his daughter Allison and my new friend Kevin took the orange path. The 6.8 kilometre trail if I remember right.  

I had planned on taking more notice of the trail itself and marking the path as I went. Working the PAO as I say. I'd even brought headphones to dig into a lecture as I did when I went with my uncle last year. 

But instead Kevin and I gabbed like a couple of old ladies at a bridge party. ~ That visual works with either a card game or an actual party of senior citizens on a bridge by the way. 

He's a retired American Airlines pilot and former Yukon bush pilot who just bought a piece of land up the road from me. His wife is a professor at the university with a doctorate in French literature. She's also into mushrooms. Studying not ingesting. Though truth be told I don't know her that well. Who can say? 

And one of his sons is a theoretical neuroscientist. He's actually working on a system called Spawn which is also mapping and perhaps recreating the human brain in a computer system. Similar to the Google stories I was writing about yesterday. 

Small world. Small, terrifyingly science fiction themed world.  

After the hike I came home and did mostly nothing. I went outside and into the woods again in the afternoon, just took a walk through the yard to see what's it's like back there in these conditions.  

Snow. Wet. Mild.  

Then I spent a lot of time with Blaze and Jeannette just hanging in the basement. And now we're all in bed shutting it all down for the night. Which goes back to me being so tired.  

Must have been the fresh air of the hike. As I said, it wasn't that long. The 6.8 k got reduced significantly when a few of us decided to do a loop and then catch the trail back instead of following the usual trail all the way around. That evidently would have taken us to about a one k hike right next to the road on some gravelly terrain.  

No thanks.  

It could also because I'm an out of shape fat bastard right now. That could be part of the fatigue problem. ..the fact that I've done nothing physical for the last I don't know how long. Other than keeping up with the infant. Which is harder than you'd think despite the fact he can't even walk anywhere. 

I believe Jamie and I are going to hit another trail on Wednesday. or perhaps do the same one. Either way would be fine with me as I didn't see much of the one we were on today, transported as I was back to my rather colourful past in Los Angeles and my many run ins with success, deception and demoralization. 

Kevin was the type of person who loved to hear such stories. Few are I find. But when someone is I am happy to delve into the memory storage meat and pull out some of the highlights.  

Thats it for me tonight. I've meandered through this entry in the same thoughtless and casual way as I strolled through the woods earlier. No purpose or focus of attention at any point along the way whatsoever.

Another happily lost stroller through the forest of life.  

Have a good Monday munks. |mp