Day 312 "Tales of the artificially intelligent robot furnace"

060117.108 #satorStone

060117.108 #satorStone

The fire burns hot tonight dear primates. It burns hot and ferociously in my furnace room, in the middle of the large boiler, behind its thick steel door.

And it's glorious. 

There's no wood smell yet. It's too cold outside and there's very little wind. Or there's a lot of wind. Whichever is the cause for there not to be much wood smell... Then that's what it's doing outside. I don't know. It's too cold to go galavanting.  

The plumbing warlock arrived at 10am and spent a good three hours here making sure all the work they did held up when we lit another fire. We got it burning hot and then turned down all the thermostats in the house to keep the heat in the pipes of the furnace room and force the over-ride radiators in the garage to do their job. Which is dump the excess heat. Which they did. This time. But not the other night... When we had to flee.

Well, it worked after a couple of tweaks... that I wouldn't have known how to do.  

So thanks again to James for all his hard work and diligence this past week.  

The system is now officially up and running within acceptable parameters and I have a fire downstairs burning while I'm up in bed... not feeling paranoid at all..

One second let me go check on that.

...all good... But I'll go ahead and finish up this entry from the basement. Then check it again before bed.  

Despite the fact I can confidently say I know much more about how things in my house work than I did when we first moved in, I still know there are a thousand and one things that could go wrong that would leave me banging my head against the concrete wall in confusion at any time.  

Such is the way of things.

I could say the same thing about my car, or my phone, or my son or even my own body for that matter. Who knows how things break down? Who can know how to put them all together?   

I'll tell you who! The Google Brain! Deep Mind! A.I.!!

Sorry. I just read an article on artificial intelligence and the kinds of projects Google is currently working on after purchasing two companies/programs ; Deep Mind and Deep Learning, which is essentially a Google brain. A layered computational neural net that simulates the way a human brain operates and learns. 

Impressive stuff actually.  

I don't know why everyone is so terrified of Artificial Intelligence. Aside from the fear that it'll lead to a manifestation of bad Arnold Schwarzenegger movie plots into our every day lives. The dreaded robot apocalypse. 

Yeah, well phooey to all that.  

A computer is nothing more than a human brain without all the distractions of chasing after sex and pizza. It's pure reason and logic taken out of the jungle and put into a nice neat bundle of wirey box. And when that nice neat little bundle in your hand or lap connects in an intelligent way, in an emergent way, to every other device then life is going to get very interesting for all of us.  

But that's it. Interesting.

And longer. No doubt. Though that won't have as much impact as you'd think, given the fact the ordinary every day Tom Dick and Harrietta (updated for the times)  doesn't think about death or their own mortality on a daily basis anyway. 

So everything will be smart soon and I'll have a system that regulates itself and keeps me a snug and safe and cozy in my house out in the middle of the woods. Which means I probably don't really have to learn.. well anything! Ever again!

Come on robots!

They won't attack us. They'll inform us, on all the great and wonderful things they'll see and get up to in the galaxy at large.  

I don't know about you, but if it gets to all that I'm going to use my personalizer to have all my robot avatars to look like William Shatner.  

Kirkbot out