Day 311 "Uptown Funk"

050116.0024  #blazeDay #chimneySweep #bigNews

050116.0024 #blazeDay #chimneySweep #bigNews

I have two rather celebratory bits of news that I would like to tell you but can't. It's quite vexing. The first I can at least say has to do with Package Deal, though I will tell you right now it has nothing to do with the third season. 

What it does have to do with is a lot more people being told about our show soon. And getting to see it in the great Elsewhere: vis a vie not #upTown.., which is to say Canada.  

I think this will lead to a lot more eyes being drawn to the show in my home country as well mind you. But also now abroad. And abroad is good. 

The other thing is pending but will also be potentially happy news. That other thing also involves others. Which is why I can't divulge the news now. the others in question caution patience. 

The primate does not recognize this idea. Not in the form it is being proposed. I say full disclosure at all times. Especially now, in life. After events both big and small. Full disclosure. Only way to go.  

Alas, I must wait. Team player that I am.  

So there was an undercurrent of excitement humming in the background of the day. add to tea I got to hang with my son for the day while Jeanette went for her doc appointment. She's fine, I'll say, to allay any concerns on your end. Just a post baby checkup and general how's she goin'.

You know how it goes. In life. 

We didn't get to watch any movies but we did do a lot of position switching, and playing, and walking, and changing, and feeding, and shushing, and everything else you could hope to do with a 15 pound organism that looks just like you. 

The chimney guys came today, as promised, to do the final work to the furnace and whatnot. They move quickly these guys. It's silent work and they have the door shut. There are masks. It's grim work.  

Or dusty.  

There were no show tunes from these chimney sweeps. All business. I even got quick and detailed advice about my wood. It'll take the pile I have outside two months to properly dry out. I'm hoping I have enough in the basement and garage to keep the fire burning until it does. 

If not ol' daddy will just have to light a significantly hot night time fire to keep mommy nice and warm for the... 

Oh who'm I kidding? We've been in contact with each other in an intentioned manner no more than a few times since the boy arrived. We need that wood!!!

They were here a couple of hours. After they left Jeannette got home and we hung out the rest of the day. 

I may have taken a well deserved nap from about 5-7. Which is why I'm still up now. Foolishly. When the boy will be squaking me awake in a few short hours.  

He was brutal again last night. The great crib experiment crashed and burned in sleepy frustration before any of us slept much at all. He did for a while. I'll say that. But soon he was back in bed with us. 

He doesn't like not be held and cuddled this kid. For a baby that so adamantly refused to take the boob, he only seems happy when draped across them. Perhaps if we got a blow up doll for the crib...

Nah, I won't even bring that one up to Jeannette.  

There's not much I can do this week anyway. My carpenter is currently entertaining a Brazilian contingent ..and a bad chest cold... And can't get to my green screen build. Which is okay by me at this point because I'm still fighting my own illness and J&B are as well.  

So I'll take this week and happily just relax and heal up. Then my father is free.ish next week and we can maybe come up with at least what I need to shoot my pitch materials. As good a name for what I'm doing as anything at this stage in the game.  

Monday then will be the tentative start to a normal work day for dad. That's what we're pushing for. That's what I'm pushing for. I think Jeannette might be a little hesitant to give up her help. I'm always here when she needs me of course. Unless I'm not in the office and am instead traipsing through the woods with a compass somewhere or scoping out a location for shooting.  

I'm just saying. I'm not an office guy anymore. If I ever was. And my work will be rather varied and moment dependant. Which is why I'm working on getting Jeannette a little help. Jamie, if you're reading, I meant to talk to you about that. At least until he settles in and we can get him into a routine. 

Well my friends, that brings us to the end of another day|entry. I hope to have the news for you soon, if it's something you're interested in. If not... well fine then. Who asked ya? And if not, then at least I hope to have something worthy of a featured post. 

Thats what I'll call them now. The good ones. The ones I like. Featured posts. As you can see I'm trying to get more organized... but now I'm done.