Day 308 #kangarooNod



Well I was nominated for an award today.

Best performance by a supporting Canadian person pretending to be someone they're not for a half hour a week with a group of other people who are also good at pretending to be funny people they're not. 

An interesting racket this acting thing!

I should mention this would be for the Canadian Screen Awards. Which has to do with any Canadian who works on, or presumably with, screens. 

So a big deal I'm to understand, from the people who have told me this has happened. 

From my understanding I was nominated specifically for my performance in Kangaroo Court from season One. Of that episode, off hand, as I sit here working on my new show, I recall two things.  

The scene at the beginning where I'm jumping up and down to get Danny's attention from my place behind all the journalists peppering him with questions at the court house.  

I also recall having to fight with Andrew #creator to do it. And maybe the director as well. Until finally being allowed to do it.  


And also, ...

...oh wait, that was the final episode. With the poison expert and my ex-wife's best friend. The wine spitting. The lies and lies and more lies!

And the fiasco that had me pretending to be Kim's boyfriend.

Right right right. 

Okay, yeah, that was a really fun episode come to think of it. Harland was great in that one! U remember him crushing the scene where he gives us the folders and breakdowns of all our fictitious back stories.

And Randal and Jill pretending to be together was hilarious. Also Jill f'd up her toe in that one, going into the window.

Okay, yeah, we had hit a good stride by then.  

Wait, maybe that wasn't the finale of the first season. Not that it matters. I do remember much more of the episode now. 

So there you go. That happened today. And what a day! I was fully sick today. Couldn't even go scope out the trails with Jamie.  

I woke up feeling like balls, drove Blaze to my mom for a day of babysitting and house cleaning, then drove back and went to bed. 

I slugged back some cold medicine, which greatly helped with the sleep.  

I woke up to Jill texting me a congratulations. She plays Nikki on the show. Then I saw the tweets and started hearing from others. 

Nice to be recognized.  

I was nominated for something one other time. Best Male Standup Comic in Canada  I think it was 2008 or something. Anyway it was a debacle. No one knew who the hell I was as I think everyone else nominated was a Yuk Yuk's comic. The wiley old vets who go out of their way to either be cool or treat you like garbage. Mostly the latter in my experience and field work. 

There's no in between in the comedy world.  

One comedian actually spilled a beer on me in the train station lounge whilst gesturing during a story he was telling to the other comics around. He paused, looked down at me, saw the beer, then went back to his story. 


The only reason I went to that awards show was because I was playing hockey in a festival game between the Jokers hockey team I played for, with various entertainers on the roster, and the London Knights alumni.  

Fun, fun.  

You can spill a beer on me any time if I get to face off against any one of the Hunter brothers at the end of that day.  

I don't imagine I'll go to the award show this time what with the baby and the amount of items of the life plate right now. But who can say?  

A nice bit of pick me up on a day I felt like garbage.   

So I lazed around while Jeannette cleaned the entire house like a warrior queen! She was a whirling dervish and did a fantastic job. With everything but the basement, which is my zone, which is currently quarantined. Which is where I am right now. 

Malone and watching hockey.  

I wrote "alone" there but Siri chose to put "Malone" instead.  

Interesting, that. Perhaps a sudden emergence of A.I. telling me to stop reveling in something that happened a whole six hours ago, for work I did two years ago... 

Malone out.