Day 305 #BodyBreak



I'm watching the Apprentice with Jeannette right now. Blaze is feeding. It's been that kind of a day. 

I rolled out of bed, in honour of Blazes achievement last night, at a bone shattering 8:30am. I proceeded to wrap a blanket around me, walked down to the basement, collapsed on the couch and slept for another couple of hours.

Then slept intermittently the rest of the day.

As I said, it was one of those days. Blaze was either sleeping or screaming. Jeannette is still sick... we're going on a week now. And even Hubble seemed out of sorts. 

My dad swung by to pick up my skates and helmet for a Brazilian kid to use tomorrow. Allow me to explain...

My sister organizes a program through school that brings kids to Nova Scotia for various time periods. My parents often billet some of the kids or the chaperones that travel with them.  

They currently have two kids from Brazil, both of which will be fitted with my hockey gear tomorrow. And also a chaperone, who has been here a bunch of times over the last few years. He came with my dad today, walking into a quiet, darkened house, to get the gear and see the baby. 

Good guy. I like him a lot. 

After they left we got moving a little. Enough to get up, walk all the way upstairs and get a DVD. Jeannette got me Pump Up the Volume for my birthday. One of my favourite movies from when I was a kid.  

And it still holds up! 

I probably liked it more now than I did then. Christian Slater was fantastic in it. If you haven't seen it, check it out.  

Wow, it's hard writing the blog while Donald Trump is firing people in front of me. It's over now. Gilbert Godfried got fired.  

Line of the night goes to Geraldo. "I'm a survivor. I've been to Afghanistan 12 times. Iraq 12 times. Somalia. And every other 'crap hole' in between."

Spoken like a true man of the people. A true American man of the American people.  

Now it's the Amazing Race Canada version. Wholly crap Hal and Joanne from Body Break are racing this year. That won't mean a lot to most of you, no doubt. 

Tomorrow I'm going to meet the new hiking group at 2pm with my cousin. Hopefully someone will show me a trail afterward that I can hike later in the week. But I won't be doing much hiking tomorrow I don't think. Not with Jeannette back here sick with Blazer.  

She had wanted to come as well but it's not going to happen. Maybe next time. 

Well that's it for tonight munks. Not bad for a day that had me wearing flannel pyjama pants from beginning to end.