Day 304 #theShow

519.2448  #waterWarlock

519.2448 #waterWarlock


Thats what I've got in the tank presently. Which is a real shame given the fact I was looking forward to writing the blog tonight.  

And now??  not so much...

I worked hard today. And was run pretty ragged. All inside my own house mind you, but stairs and fussy babies are a real bitch at times! 

Perhaps you've noticed the new cover page for the blog.. and the vanished logo. That's part of the work I managed to get done today; while an electricalWizard and waterWarlock were deep inside the furnace room trying to unlock all its many hastily constructed and currently broken mysteries.  

As I've said, theShow, such as it is right now, is really taking shape in both mind and concept. Jeannette and I are discussing it more frequently and I'm excited to start the ball rolling.

I mean it is rolling, I suppose, already. But things are always so much more enjoyable when all the work isn't on your shoulders alone.  

We all need help in this world. 

So I need to inspire some people to help me, which is where the thrust of my work is pointed at present. A pitch entertaining enough to do just that.

That initial lump of work will be time consuming and arduous, as I'll have to do all the little jobs one has to do to pull something like this off... to the best of your abilities. and that'll take time. Especially in post. But I've got the chops. 

If not the"free" time.  

That'll be the key right there. To the best of my abilities.. which are not utterly nonexistent in this medium, I can say that with confidence. The student has learned a lot over the years. But the project pitch will certainly be limited by the amount of time I have to throw at it and the amount of resources I can bring to bear. 

Still, I have pretty much all I need to get things up and running right now. Save a couple of necessary builds and alterations with my green screen. In that it has to go from a folded up fabric in a clear plastic garbage bag.. to a portable piece of wind resistant movie making magic, before I can do much at all.  

But the illness that has plagued us the last week seems to finally be making an exit. Despite the general discomfort of the house and the frigid, messy weather outside. With Jeannette's help I'll be able to kick things into overdrive very soon.  

I should add I will also need the help of the house should I has any hope of being successful in my endeavours.

We need a safe secure location from which to launch these jaunty goals of hours and I can't constantly be packing a baby up in the middle of the night to flee a 'scene' of some kind. 

I'm hoping the six or so hours of work I had done today by two skilled gentlemen will help us toward that end. Though it didn't fill me with confidence that our "Cadillac system" has been downgraded to a "Rats Nest".  

That seems like a fairly worrying demotion.  

Nevertheless, we can do nothing but move forward and that's what we'll do.

Blaze has already shrugged off any frustrations he's been having. In the midst of illness and mechanical failures and inclement weather and terror all over the world...

He rolled over today. On his own. From his tummy to his back. Like a boss. 

So I'll go to bed now. And tomorrow I will wake up and do as Blaze did. And I will get done whatever I am able to get done. 

That's it from here. More on theShow as it evolves. That goes for the website as well.

peace out