Day 300 #tictacTao

10105.2555 #diploriaStump

10105.2555 #diploriaStump

The IIHF did me a great honour tonight.

How long must this have taken in the planning? How many months and man hours went into this grand gesture of mutual respect and appreciation?

I speak of course of the decision to have the Canadian World Junior hockey team win the gold against Russia in stunning fashion.. earlier this fine but windy evening... on the South Mountain on my 300th day. 

Was Wayne involved in some way? Mario perhaps?

Is Sidney Crosby perched outside my bedroom door right now? Is he holding my son whom in turn is sporting a brand new congratulations daddy onzie? "Congratulations" I wish I could say, "on reaching the coveted 300 day mark... on whatever that thing is you're always doing every day for 30 minutes but usually more." 

I celebrated with a great walk down to the water tonight where I almost got blown over by a fierce wind from the west, which tells me my ex-wife is likely about to call me angry about something...

It got so dark I had trouble finding the path back.  

Well, I had trouble "seeing" the path back., through the woods, but I found it no problem. 

I can't wait to get a good compass and knife and flint pack and all the other little dohickies one needs for extended periods out of doors.  

Now that my cousin is back we will likely be going for a lot more hikes. My uncle is like a river of good trails. He goes every week. It's merely a matter of jumping in with him.  

So I look forward to that this coming year of the blog. Not a clean new year. But then, I got to have team Canada win gold on my turn of the calendar. What happened on yours? 

I should point out that I'm not actually due to turn the big 1year old until about 65 days from now. When I had the mishap. But 300 is a nice big number folks. I think it might mean I'm officially in a rhythm.   

Which means I'll have to change things up soon. More challenges must be conceived and then met head on. I did good work on the new production company I'm now starting in my head. More solid ideas on green screen possibilities and ways to go about assembling my early team. 

Also some very exciting PAO work if I may say so. This counting your paces to mark off a path idea is golden. It keeps me very present when I'm walking from place to place along a path and then provides a good storage space for the images and stories I create later.  

Images, I should add, that stand for the date and the time, and the events of the day, and any creations that jump out in the process. My mind is starting to settle. I can feel it happening.  

Soon I'll be able to hit a pause button I think. The ability to be working on something on the whiteboard or computer, Mark my spot, get taken away by life and commitments for as long as need be, and then return at any point along the way and continue where I left off.  

Thats the achievable goal I have for this year. But it might be a year three thing. I gotta spend at least 10000 hours at this PAO stuff to become a wizard at it, and I'm sure it's been far less than that.  

I also have the added difficulty of reinventing it as I go. I say reinventing because these are old techniques that have resurfaced among card counters and tricksters around the globe but still remain mysterious to us non-historical archaeologists. 

I'm tic tac tapping out now folks. Once again j recorded a blog down by the water. Where I found my walking stick. but no time to upload. Jeannette is still sick! And not feeling much better! 

So that's it for the 300. Let's meet back here in 65 days for the next big one. As always, I appreciate any time you spend with me and hope to get your more active in a blog like this yourself.  

But baby steps.  

Nite munks. \mp


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