Day 298 "GoPro Test"


A short one tonight. Fragmented. Disjointed. 

Forget that the power in our house went out again today. Forget that we had just gotten there to clean up after a day of getting errands done with my nephew in tow, or that we'd only just been forced out of the house due to a chimney fire/boiler breakdown. Forget all that. 

The point is, I shot some footage tonight. Not half an hour worth, don't worry about that. I only spend that much time ON the blog, it won't take that long to read or watch. I can assure you of that. No one has time for all that nonsense for a mere blog, neither you nor I. 

The problem is the video is STILL uploading, because the only connection slower than ours out on the mountain, would be my parents uploading speeds here on the other mountain. The game is currently whether iMovie will finish publishing to Vimeo before the battery to my computer runs out. 

It's 2:38am and we just got through watching A LOT of Game of Thrones. My parents have been doing a marathon today, which Jeannette and I were out gallivanting, and they then watched even more, with us, when we finally got home. 

Well, Jeannette finally got home. I had to go back to our house with my father to get my generator sorted out. Turns out there's yet another cable I need to plug it into the wall. Thankfully that didn't matter as the power was back on by the time we got out there and the furnace seemed to be working fairly well. 

I don't know man, who can say? I'll get it sorted some day... and be back in my own home, working. I had the goPro out for a moment tonight but haven't been able to do much with it. Still, the little I did with it has me quite excited about the prospects of more. 

I just need to get that green screen set up.

I don't think this video is ever going to load. I guess my patience also has to get added to our little competition of which will run out first. 

Battery power just went into the red. I have a sinking feeling it's going to win the day. I'd better at least get something published before it does. If I don't have the video published by tomorrow you'll know I ended up just throwing my computer through the window and out into the snow. 

But the videos are coming. 
For all my friends who don't like to read!