Day 297 "GoPro magic"

050102 | 2328 | 297

050102 | 2328 | 297

Well it's 11:28pm as I sit down to write this. Which means I have a full 30 minutes, my minimum, with two minutes to spare for publishing. Which means this may or may not have a picture accompanying it. Such are the sacrifices I must make in order to keep with tradition whilst adhering to the new years resolutions. 

One of which was publishing before the hour of midnight in whatever time zone I find myself. 

Currently I'm back home, on the east coast of upper North America. Which means we're nearly there. 

Today was a full day. 

I woke up rather alarmingly, which isn't the way to get up. That's not entirely true, actually. Initially, I heard my phone go off when I got a text from Jeannette at around 11am. I had passed out late last night after all was said and done and didn't sleep well. So by the time I got to a deep sleep, in the frigid house by myself, it felt like I was woken up by her text. 

I told her I'd call the electrician to see if I could get someone out, which I did, immediately after getting off the phone with her. They were open, surprisingly, and said they would try to track someone down and would get back to me. 

This was of course, the perfect scenario. Now I didn't have to get out of bed and could just wait for the ring to wake me up again. So I went back to sleep. 

A little while after that I got another text message. I ignored it for a bit but just before drifting off I decided to check. It was Jeannette telling me that the electrician was at the house. 

I jumped out of bed and ran outside with my slippers on. He was just leaving the driveway when he saw me. He pulled back into the house and then came in and got to work. He was at it a while, trying to figure out what the issue is. We deduced for sure that I had a chimney fire. That forced air into a closed air pipe system, which had become locked as a result. 

Fast forward a few hours and he'd managed to get the heat going again but found the problem that had led to this whole fiasco, the source of the banging when the garage thermostat was on. 

He apologized for missing it the first time and seemed pretty aware of how serious an issue we had the other night, given the state of things as he found them. He'll be coming back the first of the week to fix what he's able to fix, and I'll be contacting the chimney guy to do the rest. 

And while he's doing it I'll watch and ask questions and then go buy the tools to do it myself. 

If it's a thing one can do, without special equipment that costs armloads. 

After that I got a text from my sister saying the package I sent to their house had arrived. I bought a goPro about a week ago during the boxing day sales and had it shipped to my sisters house care of my eldest nephew. And not just a goPro. A pack containing all the equipment you'd need to go with it to starting getting some crazy footage immediately. 

A chest mount. A head mount. Four different kinds of tripods. Attachments. 

I told her to tell him that he wasn't allowed to open it until he was able to get his ass out to my house where he would receive his instructions. He the grabbed his mothers phone and asked if he could come out immediately. So he did. 

I spent a good half hour describing my plans for this year to my sister and brother in law, as well as to Ty and Jaxon, my two nephews. Then I gave them the ground rules. If you want screen time, you have to put in work time. And for them, that meant being my goPro camera men. Training begins immediately. 

After they all left Ty and I spent the rest of the night unpacking the camera and getting familiar with all the gadgetry it came with. I worked a bit on the book while I had Ty unpack age the camera and break it all down. Tomorrow we go and get an SD card for it, and if weather permitting, start shooting some outdoor footage. 

Once we have a system worked out and have shot the initial footage, and started the ball rolling, then I'll grab another couple of cameras and bring more of the kids into it, as well as cousins and friends etc. And we'll go from there. 


That's the word of 2015. 

I'll be quite happy to finally get Jeannette and Blaze back home and start getting back into some semblance of a routine. I don't know that my life will ever technically get into a routine but I'm sure going to keep trying. Things generally happen in waves. Hopefully we road out the worst of them for the next little while. 

Of course if not, at least we'll be able to take some kick ass footage of whatever happens from now on. 

That's it for tonight munks. 
Have a great Friday.