Day 295. No fires or catastrophes at all today! #worked

040101. #NewYearsEve

040101. #NewYearsEve

I began tracing some steps today and did a lot of green screen thinking.

I've decided to go full steam ahead on my own projects given the fact I've "found my voice" so to speak, and also a confidence in my own abilities, such as they are. That's the heart of it right there. Of what's happened. 

Now I have the desire to do it.  

I am evidentially quite excited about this decision because the inspiration to work takes hold of my organism... a lot.  

When i'm not trying to not burn down my house, i should say.  

a quick update on that is that I went home today to check on the temperature (and work)), and found a rather frigid house at 14.1 degrees Celcius, 57.38 Farenheit., for my American friends. 

There are several rather important switchy-ma-hoos in the furnace room that appear to now be quite fried and aren't letting the hot pipes know that the thermostats in the house are calling for heat. 

Another way of putting it would be that the electic bridge trolls in my basement, hiding as they are in little steel boxes on the cement wall in the back, have lost their minds.

As a result hot pipes, veritable rivers or warm air flood water are just sitting there, trapped in the furnace room... useless.

Not perhaps knowing the answer to the question the troll had just posed before allowing it access to the rest of the house. As trolls do. 

but of course the troll has gone mad and the question was insane to begin with.

Since I have no language skills or tools of electrification myself, I cannot yet talk to the trolls and will have to get another wizard or two up to the house; with their knowledge and fancy wand/stick Tools.  

So the house was cold and to put a bandaid on the situation I put two space heaters on in specific locations before I left to come back to my parents place for Jeannette's feast... you know, so the pipes wouldn't freeze.

somethjng I did almost to the day last year if you recall! At the shit house in canning. Owned by the abominable mapMan.  

...but when I got home I got nervous about leaving them on in the state they were in: one rather precariously perched atop a wood pile! Not to mention the constant threat of a short fall through the furnace room portal down into the scene of the meltdown the other night!

An electrical bomb dropped well heated into a pile of kindling and electrically charged bridge trolls. 

so we ate and I watched the first period of the Canada vs USA world junior hockey game, and then left for the house.  

I just couldn't risk another brush with death or fire on the final day of the year. It had to at least go out with class. You know?

after all the cosmic shenanigans?? 

The house was fine but I turned the heaters off. My bet is that the radiant nature of heat and the level 140oC 240oF of its temp in the furnace will be more than sufficient to keep anything like a pipe from freezing.

Nor the radiators in the garage.  

And I was able to come back home, after a short bit of work, to spend the rest of the night with my.. father.. for a bit.

Then he went to bed.  

Before New Years Day.  

And before he bailed my mom went to spend the night with Ryan Seacrest - in bed - and Jeannette had gone off - to bed - herself, sick, after handing Blaze off to me with the instructions to bring him up once he was unconscious.  

So there we were, myself, my organism and my new little chimp, ringing the new year in by watching the Final Two Episodes of Package Deal.  

Why not?

If the show doesn't get picked up it will have been as nice a farewell wave as one could ask for given the nature of the situation at that moment: 1200.040101 or midnight on Thursday, January 1st. 

Watching the finale as the clock ticked into the do-it-yourself year of 2015 with my son snoozing on my chest in the recliner. With a belly full of steak and escargot and shrimp and fish cakes and fish and more food more food until my dad said it best.  

"That's the first time I've eaten for an hour and a half." 

A great way to start what will be a very productive year I think. I say that because I have been having very productive days for a while now... and an inexhaustible source of enthusiasm. Also things should calm down as soon as the house gets sorted out. Which all means that I have no reason to think that productiveness won't continue.  

Another reason daddy was watching his show tonight. Paying a close attention to lighting and how I might achieve similar shots with a green screen and guerrilla cast.  

hope you all had a safe and enjoyable evening and rang out the first official PAO "Year of the Yawning Monkey" in both style and grace.  

Welcome to 2015!

PAO: "year of the nesting owl"