Day 294 "Who needs cordite?..."

123130. #Signs #Test #Furnace

123130. #Signs #Test #Furnace

I am an anxious fellow tonight, dear fellow space travellers.

Anxious about the state of my house and general well being'ness of my habitat. Which is to say, the land I bought with the bank earlier this year. 

And what a year... wow. 

I shot the second season of a sitcom. Purposefully created another living creature with my unlawfully wedded wife. Watched that creature come into the world. And then watched a doctor sew mommy's cervix to her vaginal wall...

oh, and then there was the hurricane that nearly blew the house down
-it did a tree and my power line... for seven days-
...just a short while after moving into the house. 

The very next week if Jeannette's memory can be believed. 

Did I mention I was harassed by a mapman and threatened by the father to my sisters new daughter as well? Well, the threatened part of that is up for some interpretation given the language barrier, but certainly one could say 'imploded upon' and be reasonably confident it would hold up in court. 

Given the 'facts of the case' as Ryan White would so dramatically say. 

So an eventful year, no question. Capped off now, it seems, by the catastrophe'near that occurred here in this very spot last evening.

It's 11:05pm. 

I'm cold and alone in a basement that near mutinied me exactly twenty four hours ago.
A mere steps away from a boiler that near boiled me.
My family is on the other side of the valley entirely and I have just devoured too many rice cakes. Also, my feet are cold: yes... despite the two convenience store loafers from Costco I so raved about yesterday being slid upon each one of them. 

The situation currently stands at this... my electric heat is on, though heating the house very slowly... and my furnace is of the f'd up variety.. of objects, and things, in this world.
Things could be better, things could be worse, but then I'm beginning to lose all respect for those distinctions. 

There was a build up of cordite within the furnace. Likely the chimney as well from as close as we could tell. As well as some rather enigmatic electrical wirings and potential thing-a-ma-bob collapses. It was a full on George Clooney film in my basement last night it seems, dear fellow space travellers.

The Perfect Storm of modern fire related breakdowns. 

Basically the cordite ignited nearly razing my house to the ground. I was lucky, by all accounts. And it certainly felt that way last night when I came home to a house still standing. Lucky, and also a little unhappy that evidently house inspections don't include your chimney or furnace.

That's ... a shame, given the fact the fellow was up on the roof and everything. 
What's one little quick peek down? 

Though the same question could, and has, been posed to myself as well. Don't you worry.

Though I will readily, if not happily, admit to having already called the chimney guy before leaving for Ottawa. After not getting a call back I figured it could wait until the new year.

Apparently it couldn't. 

I bought a house with a lot of cordite.

A great find if I was manufacturing ammu-nition. Which I am most certainly not. I hope the NSA algorithm that's now following my blog picks up on the context I mentioned that word within. But just in case I'll sit here with a white rag dipped in urine for over my shoulder with the dual function of being a flag of surrender and a handy mask for the coming tear gas canisters. 

My sister joked that these were all signs that we should move closer to civilization.

I laughed but we did chat about it for a second. There have been a lot of setbacks since we moved into this place. We've had a lot of issues and I can fully admit to still being woefully underprepared if suddenly thrown into the wilderness around us with no power and no communication. 

But I think we have some time before the EMP's explode overhead. 
Or when ISIzzz* is able to hijack any aircraft carriers that could come into the bay and bomb us from the North.

Dammit, I'm flagged for sure now.
I'll change the final S for that one with a triple zzz to throw off the feds.

*triple zzz: as their outlook is bleak and boring and doesn't get us anywhere as a planet. Also, you can't hope to stand against the billions of good people who are now coming together, so calm down and learn how to talk to people...

The point is, I have two survival books given to me by men better at that task than I am; by leaps and bounds. And a good amount of time on my hands, with more to come if my present creative rumblings have sufficiently marinated.

And the budding ability to remember things very very well. So I'm getting there. 

So no, in the end, I don't think it was a sign to move closer to the path heading in the other direction. I think it was a test, as all of the particularly challenging events of our lives can be seen to be. And as is the case with any test, you learn more from the mistakes that you made than from the things you already knew how to do. 

I like challenges. 

I will also keep my eyes out for signs as well. 

Though if this was a sign, if anything it was screaming at me to start writing more comedy.