Day 222 "The Day I wrote the blog while wearing a #SwedishDaddyUterus"



This may be a short blog. As you can see I'm lap deep in Swedish swaddled baby right now so I'm only able to rock the one hand at times. While 'rocking' a baby with the other. 

See what I did there?? 

And yes, both beard and hair are now almost completely out of control. Just as they should be. When one lives on a mountain. In rural Nova Scotia.  

I was the mule again today, driving around picking up errands and carrying the baby. We took him to his grandparents place for a couple hours of "mommy and daddy need some time to run around and use both of their hands at the same time.." Time.  

"We'll be back to get him before you have to go out.

Peace out."

So we bought more robomilk for Blazer, a few groceries, and then shoved our faces full of diner burgers and fish and chips. Good, greasy food. 

Not as good as taking Harland to Harvey's for his 50th birthday. But good.  

Meanwhile Blaze was likely getting cuddled till he was blue in the face, released long enough for the blood to return, and squeezed-cuddled some more.  

Or he was stared at for two hours and judged on who he looks most like.  

He's getting my grandfather MacDonald a lot on account of the bald head and sometimes stiff upper lip.  

But who can say? 

When we got home I did some work while Jeannette did her thing with him.  

I have no idea how long this work will take me. It has a lot of working parts that first have to get figured out, then detailed, the system has to get implemented and then honed. And sweet Martha Stewart hammer fisting a giant blow fish that'll take time. 

What I do know is that I'm hoping to get it up and running soon as my inability to remember that I needed to pickup a generator at Canadian Tire for the "tree trimming power outage" of five hours tomorrow has left us high and dry... 

So we're off to my parents house again for more face-judging squeeze-cuddle fests and perhaps a bit of sleep time for daddy.

I did also want to mention that I figured out why the Egyptians built the pyramids. But unfortunately my thumbs have reached their breaking point. 



nite munks.