Day 217 "So many voices..."


Saved by my mom today. 

She swung by to take a shift with the Blaze while we got some sleep and then went out and got supplies.  

I must have been quite a sight, greeting her at the door after very little sleep last night, with nothing but sweats on and bags under my eyes.  

It was very helpful. I'm sure she had a good time as well. And no doubt Blaze learned a lot from watching Dr. Phil.  

Jeannette was feeling a little under the weather today so when we got back she slept and I watched the kid.  

He flipped out on me today. Screamed bloody murder as I held him and did everything I could to calm him, short of giving him a bottle of wine. 

Then Jeannette came and took him and he settled down immediately. I'm not taking it personally of course. He just prefers his mom. No biggie.  

It's not like it crushes my spirit every time I think about it or anything.. or you know, cripples me internally. Nothing of the sort. I know he'll be chasing his dad around the yard soon enough. But for now, while he requires little more than food and changing, he prefers his mommy to me.  

Yeah? Well, whatever. The dog still..

..actually Jeannette owns his allegiance as well.  

I'm quickly getting outnumbered over here. Or I'm overreacting and she smeared bacon grease on her shoulder when she took him. A common enough trick among people who try to make people jealous by making it look like babies prefer them. 

We're almost all caught up on the Voice after another marathon tonight. Also, I ate a lot of chips. So you know, we're making good decisions.

We're in the baby weeds. That's my only excuse. Our schedules have become utterly dependant on the child. 

He mewls and everything we do stops. You can hear a pin drop. "Will this be another bout of glass shattering cries??.. Or will he fall back asleep and let us continue with whatever we were doing?"

Not that we're doing anything critical. We're watching TV. Not educational TV either. I watched two Hell's Kitchens earlier, and as mentioned, we're in a Voice vortex over here. 

I'm digging the new season with Pharrel and Gwen Stefani. It's a very good show and I'm glad it's as popular as it is. It's a good mentor system.  

What else can I tell you... At 3:12 am? Despite all the no sleep and baby responsibilities I'm managing to get some work done. It's been qute a process, this stuff I'm doing. But slowly and surely...

Tomorrow will be more of the same. Blaze will dictate events and time while Jeannette and I try to maintain some semblance of a functional day. 

The good news for all of us is that the last Voice we had on tape has just ended finally severing the hypnotic hold its had.

Also, The Blaze is still sleeping (though grunting, presently...). Nevertheless, it's a good time to pass out in my recliner so I'll end it there and rest both my head and my thumbs.  

Nite munks.