Day 214 "Writing between explosions of baby..."


I don't have much time to write this. Blaze has just been newly swaddled and put into his bed, after a night of being fussy, and my guess is this momentary respite will last about five minutes. 

And then the explosions will commence again. 

I won't call him colicy.  

...Okay, that lasted exactly as long as it took me to thumb out that paragraph. More explosions. This kid has pipes.  

It's a shame that Jeannette's family is leaving so early tomorrow because I don't foresee them getting a lot of sleep tonight. This guy is not happy with his life right now. 

It's strange, considering how great his mom is and how pampered he's been since sliding out of her vagina and into the world a few weeks ago. He's been doted on by both of his grandmothers. His uncle drove down from Ottawa to meet him and he's currently wearing a kickass batman onezie.

06.10.11 #StunnedBatman

06.10.11 #StunnedBatman

I mean what do you want in life?

I should explain the rather ridiculous expression on his face in this picture. He just found out his Sitto (grandmother in Arabic) is leaving in the am. As you can see, the news caught him somewhat off guard.  

Perhaps that explains the regular interval of explosions tonight. 

..hour later..

He's in bed now, as am I, while Jeannette warms up his milk for a feeding. Of course as soon as we start heating the formula up to calm him down he goes directly to sleep. My theory is he's angry at us for something and is now trying to drive us into the poor house through wasted formula. 

I can't confirm this mind you. It's just a hunch at this point.  

So yes, as of tomorrow Sitto is gone back to Ottawa and it's just Jeannette and me and little stunned batman there. I'm sure we can handle it mind you, it's just going to be a bit of a learning curve. The good news is that it's a tag team effort and we have each other to lean on. As well as my own parents not too far away. Though I'm not the type to rely very heavily on outside help. Not so much my style, though having Jeannette's mom here was a LIFE SAVER. 

Three weeks she was here and they absolutely flew by.  

I'm being told to shut this down now as we have precious little time to sleep ourselves as he lays calm and passed out in his bassinet. It's good advice so I think I'll take it. 

I have the first shift of the night afterall. And I'm already working on no sleep and a long day of driving around town sightseeing. 

Let the eternal night begin.