Day 190 "Jelly Belly Psychopath"



We were all over the place today. From sun up to sundown, we were on the road. Well... 11 to about 5:30 or so. But for us, that's a full day of work.

We save up all our errands you see, for the days we have doctors visits. Or any other need that carries us off the mountain.  

So there were bank trips and grocery stops, trips to the mall and a stop at the salon for Jeannette to get all taken care of so that any pics taken from the delivery room and accidentally put up on the cloud will show her in the best possible light. 

Even if her face is red and she's screaming up at me at the time. 

We also bought a hay stack. For the living room. Again, mountain living. It's the messiest piece of decoration possible. I assure you. 

But cool. She knows her stuff this one.  

Wholly shit she's sitting here eating jelly bellies in bed next to me like a psychopath and making an "Mmmmm" sound wth EVERY SINGLE ONE as I write. I thought she was doing it to tempt me; as in, for a joke. She'd asked if I wanted some a moment ago and I declined.  

Nope. Turns our that's just the unconscious sound she makes when happily eating jelly bellies at 11:20pm... in bed.  


I finished Tolle's book "The Power of Now" while we were out today. I highly recommend it. He's an enlightened man with a very important message for the world. That message is an old one, to be sure, but he packages it up in a very articulate and resonate manner.

I suppose it's possible he's a fraud and has an actual enlightened man chained to the radiator in his basement who writes down all of his wisdom for Tolle to take credit for. I mean who can say about the goings on's of other human beings.

Either way it was very helpful.  

I'm not sure what I'll read next. Likely that book on numbers.


Wow. She ate them all. I just finally said "Well then give me one already!" I just couldn't take all the ohhh'ing and ahhh'ing and Mmmmmm'ing anymore. 

I don't care who you are, if someone sits next to you making those sounds every five seconds it doesn't matter if you've already brushed your teeth or not. You want some.  

And she ate them all.

Such dishonour.

This thumbing business is pretty tricky right now. The phone has to be plugged into the wall cause it's dead and the outlet is at an awkward distance from the bed, forcing me to lean uncomfortably to the side.  

Jeannette is now flossing next to me.  

I paint a pretty luxurious picture, I know. Such is the rich and pleasure-filled life of the Candian sitcom actor.  

Jeannette just realized she'd picked today in the baby pool. She's the first loser of the entire event. It feels somewhat wrong calling the women responsible for bringing the new life in question into the world, a "loser"... and yet here we are. 

I picked September 23rd at 11:30pm.

It'll be a girl.  

Nite munks