Day 176 "Compost Fiasco"


This is Jeannette.

In the picture she is currently mid way through an ice cream fiasco that left a significant amount of the foreground chocolate twist concoction on her shirt. The background treat was for my mother; an ill concocted plan of ice cream transport in a hot car on a hot day. 

Note: Hot fudge sundaes melt... fast.  

We're out at my parents place tonight for a visit. Currently watching Criminal Minds about a man who just keeps shooting people. It's a lot like watching the news I find. 

Today was a complete write off. Literally. When I do my taxes I'm going to write off this entire day and get some money back. It's only fair, somehow. 

It started out at 5am when I had to take Hubble out. The little shithead is almost as bad at managing his bladder schedule as Jeannette is with ice cream. He didn't chase anything, thankfully, but it was a bleary eyed beginning. 

At 7 I had to get up and do the garbage. What a debacle! I had to strap the compost bin to the back of the Honda, as I mentioned last night. My mistake was in doing that before I had turned the car around. So now it's no longer just a straight up drag situation. I have to back up, with the bin attached by a rope -you can perhaps see where this might come undone- and turn around.  

Look, there's no need to get into a game of finger pointing over here. When you consider the fact none of us are really in control of what's happening in life, then the fact I snapped the handle right off the back of our new pilot seems like less of a horrifically annoying event that I am directly responsible for.  

I am a victim! Of cosmic circumstance and a dog with a lazy bladder that led to the demise of the handle.  

Unfortunately the back trunk doesn't open without that handle. We can open the hatch but the door, well, not so much.  

So that happened.

Thankfully we have full warranty with the car but I'm not sure if it'll cover incidents involving poorly executed compost dragging. I guess we'll see. 

There was no time to go back to bed after that, not that I would have been able to sleep anyway, tired as I was. I'm not sure if it's adrenaline that floods the system when you do something stupid like that, or if there's some other specific hormone for dumbasses, but I was a little riled up.  

Nothing too serious, I actually didn't get all that bothered. Thanks Eckhart Tolle! 

And besides, our doctor appointment was for 9:30 so there was no point looking for more sleep. 

All the news at the office was good. Jeannette pretty much just waddled in screaming for someone to take it out of her. It might not have been that dramatic, but again, I was tired. She's on countdown. We both are.

It's a hell of a thing. 

Tonight I'll break the telescope out. In fact, Criminal Minds is now wrapping up so it's time to go. The shooter just blew his own head off. So much shooting!

The sky is clear tonight. It's time to get this campaign of universe watching up and running. 

Have a good night munks.