Day 156 "Futureland"


We're watching a documentary called Not Criminally Responsible right now.

It's about a guy with paranoid schizophrenia who stabbed a young woman in front of a Walmart one night. He did 8 years in a federal institution for the criminally insane and then got released. 

They follow him around, interviewing him at various points, and then show the consequences of the attack in the young victims life.

It just showed his reaction to be denied more privileges in an annual review. The young woman's parents showed up and made their case against him.  

It's a tough one to watch. He's a sad case this guy. Had a mother that did horrible things to him growing up. Had one other interaction with a female since then and was bullied growing up by both sexes. But a soft hearted guy, you can tell. Even now.  

He gives a very calm and measured assessment of his behaviour leading up to the crime, as well as the crime itself. 

This is what I think happens when the organism takes over and hasn't been treated very well during the formative years. Separation compounds the problem no doubt. Having no outlet.  

The guy sought help at a hospital shortly before commiting the act. They turned him away.  

It just ended.  

I wrote more about that than I'd  intended but that's what happens when you thumb it. You end up writing intermittently while you watch.  

Now we're watching the news. They're briefing the story about the protestors of the shooting death of Michael Brown. Those cops in Missouri have lost their wits I think. I'm not saying some rocks didn't get thrown last night in the protests but you have automatic weapons, tear gas and smoke bombs. Chill.  

Also, maybe try and refrain from throwing said incendiaries at journalists. Just a thought.  

We had a quiet day today despite the events in the world, and the events of that night outside a Brockville Walmart. I did a LOT of PAO work. It's coming together now. I'm hoping to put in some more time with it tomorrow, as I'm on a roll. But we have some errands to run.  

Excitement abounds.  

Abounds, I say! 

Oh man, now we're watching an update on Ebola.

"Um... This is a lot worse than we thought. Everyone run." 

That's a direct quote from the WHO. And by 'direct' I mean 'interpreted it for public consumption' by me. 

Now theres a story about people cutting their digits off in home renovations. Not an hour ago Jeannette was telling me to fix the shower myself. She almost killed me!

We can't get a plumber to call us back. Why? Firemen come immediately! Are you telling me water is scarier than fire? Fire?!!!

No chance.  

There is no movie equivalent to Backdraft in the plumbing world. And no, the Sly Stallone movie Daylight doesn't count. He wasn't an ex-plumber, if memory serves. 

And we're back to Ebola. Nice to hear the WHO say that because it's not an airbourbe virus it's safe to fly. Wha???! 

I'll leave you with that.

An ex-boyfriend of Jeannette's is now on a feature about drones. The whole world is changing. Viruses aren't yet airbourbe. But cameras are. 

We live in futureland.