Day 151 "Experimental Minkie"


I'm trying to write the blog in my head tonight. We'll see how well it works out; though I'm not encouraged by the pace. Slow plodding. Let's call it an experiment, of sorts. A technique I'm trying to cultivate. As I try to place each sentence along a memory path in my head. 

Okay. Well there you have it. I wrote that, for the last 25 minutes. In my head. Trying to associate each part of the sentence with a corresponding image. The goal is to be able to store thoughts in a way that you have access to it at any time. It feels like it's not very much to come up with in about fifteen minutes but I claim to be able to recall it tomorrow morning as well! In (near) 100% fidelity! ~ if by fidelity I mean accuracy.. Which I do. 

Sk that's the goal. The experiment, as I said. I imagined it associated it and stored in a story in my head. Let's see how much of it I remember when I wake up tomorrow.  

Also I'd like to extend an early happy birthday to Nelson. May you hunt a fifteen point buck whilst on a particularly eventful Sunday stroll through the woods. - or something more realistic and appropriate - and perhaps get a cake. 

Speaking of hunting, I've been hearing gunshots all night a heap at around 10 and then some more now. My cousin speculated someone is shooting at Coyotes but I haven't heard any around. ...suspect. Didn't sound like hunting rifle shots.  

Ominous way to end. I'll see you in the am with the results of my experiment.  

Nite minkeys.  

I'll also explain minkies.